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Another person I'll envy: Lactose Intoler Art's Brandon living in Tokyo for a long while then knows the way around with knowing THE people of the town. Aaaahhh my life living by others! Interesting personal style of artwork - and the artist's artwork style is answered there after the post! :D

Upon a Fold is a stationary galore store! With unique folds and patterns, ones you can't find around stores and specially here. It also has good taste - not the usual color mix of the ones we like but it perfectly goes together in the palette.

It reminds me of Betty Boop! She also shows how she did it step-by-step from a mere B/W to glossy girl. Tee hee. More illustrations in her blog here.

YES! FINALLY ONE PLACE TO FIND complete illustration for kids links, as for my upcoming project to join the handmade picure book competition. Theme and concept is 'BUBBLES'. Anyone finds interesting artworks of a girl blowing or just beautiful watercolor bubbles like this in the notebook cover, do share! :)

It's now not active but still, I've got the whole way down to July 2008 to track-back and read everything they have reviewed on. All the things I LOVE! Japan Craft Journal's blog will b a mis when I've catched up till' 2009.

 I really would like my future home to have book... shelves? like this, found in Design Sponge. Although right now my books are in the same position as these are and boy, how they are quite annoying to stack it Jenga style!

           Photo of the cool CL of 2NE1, showing voluptuous ultra sexy curves without being a stick like the other bands. Her top is spanking body-con sexy to the power leather vest, then a named pair of heels to make all the look super. Taken by Dara, if I'm correct.
A toast to healthy athletic bodies! The body and face to die for. Awesome hotness coolness.

 Oh NO! The first illustration I found's gone and it's nice with paint! AHHHH I didn't know where did I find it, should be hyperlinked in the picture before. NOOOOO

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Lactose Intoler-Art said...

Hey! Thanks for the mention and featuring my blog. I appreciate it!

Actually, sometimes I hand draw and then edit on the computer, but usually I always draw on the computer. This was drawn in Flash! Thanks again!