Yes, I'll be going to the place where James Hilton describes as a Tibetan utopia in his novel, Lost Horizons.

             No, I don't think it'll be as paradise as he says. I'm not sure. But I'm not very much looking for it, but I do need to prepare some things for this summer trip! It's going to be in the mountains but sure is the sun shining bright!

             My questions are answered by one Nylon Korea's post, "The Price is Right" with the concept of only having 100,000 won and wanting to travel somewhere. Only the third suits me well, but overall, it suits to where I'm heading with the ethnic theme!

•The first image is too cute to pass with her facial expression! The second shows the strong embroidery, showing ethnicity, and the last is what I can do at least - 
need to find a straw hat!

 Places to see and to be visited!

Broadway Market in London; Williamsburg in NY

NY will always be referred to Ira and Putra, the NY-citizen wannabes. Heehee~

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