A few days ago I've found a Mook on Mori Gaaru's Room Interior catalog. How can I not pass it? Much fanks to the girl in el-jay who uploaded it and scanned it page by page... oh how stressing.
In response to Jazzydear's giveaway, I thought of commenting but then I got too excited to search little cute interior rooms so I'd rather make a post - it's too bad to not share some aaahhhhh pweeeddiiie little thing.

I've always wanted to stay in the attic, wooden panels and just a natural finish - it could be raw or just gray cool cement to balance off the hot day. And a trap door to come in with a ladder... but it'll be occupying the whole roof - with secret traps and all that, inspired by these:

•wah I want that iMac to occupy the room as well! With pretty flowers around~•

•Yes as a Forest Girl wannabe I shall need to acquire all these to decorate my bookshelves sitting nicely~
it's also in the catalog! ZOMG. I need high capital for this change.•

Secret door way behind bookshelves! Definitely want one.
Oh not forgetting a walk in wardrobe but in a more accessible way...

And my tables and decorations would have pretty garlands around, and oh cupcake drawings!

And how to get down as soon as the alarm rings for the 10x time, it'll be like PRINCESS MIA'S Princess Diaries attic room with a metal pole sliding down! Wheee~

And my keys would be in a very cute keychain like what Selby snapped of...

I'd be happy to stay aaaaaaaalllllll day home in big plush pillows on the floor lazing around playing with my bunny~

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Jazzabelle said...

thanks for your entry, good luck! love, jazzabelle. x