I'm finally home - not in Jakarta, but in Padalarang! I was greeted with this new slippers my mum has bought for me, because she ruined the purple one. Yellow's gotta catch the dirt faster, so snapping away to always remember how it looks like before I step on her white face. Isn't the slippers cute?
then I had a bit of fun of PS-ing it while doing the report for LEVEL ONE, Grand Indonesia's next shopping destination I'll always go check out.
Wait for the report on WBJ as usual :)

Then, it's between me and my TV - KBS World - Happy Together in about 2 hours? Yeeha~!


Now, the reason why I had to go home before the 2nd of June:
it's the day that's supposed to be my high school graduation! However, since I left earlier to get closer to my ambitions in just a wee bit after Grade 10, I was sitting as the audience and I didn't get to stand when they had the awards to students who devoted their life in PH since freakin' Kindergarten. HA!

So here are my pretty pretty friends all dressed up in Kebaya instead of togas...

a much more fun hella college life you'll be going to! :D

well, as for me, I'm going to use a toga next year for my Diploma degree graduation! WOOHOO

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Laura Tenshi said...

Omg :( I am so sorry for answering just now. But I never got an email notification for the comment you sent me a month ago. I hope you will read this,let me know. Yes, I am from Europe, Romania. I wish I could live in Tokyo, Japan. That would be like a dream come true :)) Wow, congratulations for graduating from highschool.