Over the holiday back in Padalarang, an 3-day event  to celebrate arts was held. Jazz Craft Vaganza juxtaposes traditional crafts turned contemporary and an arts exhibition with live jazz music in one smooth motion. I was there, reporting as usual and having fun and do some shopping to give some love back to local products!
       Not to mention Jessica the ever depressant lady was sleeping over for the weekend! (Tip: Read over hers and you'll know why how I say she's so) Photos are directly from her camera which I forced her to bring. Heee. This was held in the 2nd weekend in July.

The entrance to the scene was just as creative as we were inside the weave tunnel -

and when the sky gets dark, it just gets better.

Then J went crazy on this ancient motorcycle bike which I think she took about 25 pictures on it itself. Tsk tsk tsk~

This was the front door of the art exhibition; they made a huge mural painting! It states the theme of the exhibition as painted: "Making is Thinking"


•old style bike hats and sunglasses - back to the fifties!•

•amazing paper origami•

•ceramic mugs so pretty! second from front's blue flowers is cute•

The shark reminds me of JAWS in Universal Studios! Except this one's made out of weaving.


•wearing Hush Puppies sport tank, Kavi green dress, Turquoise stone necklace, Polo shorts, brown sling bag, Konnichiwa yellow mellow sandals and sporting Mom's shades•

•in one of the stores, Hasan Batik from Bandung where I got my machine-washable batik dress!•

We knitted with our fingers! Taught by The Man Who Knit. Visit the amazing team of men who knits right here and the full collective, Tobucil!


•sky high kite up in the air!•

•J, you ruined the picture - why did you close your slit eyes even I kept mine open. Kekeke~•

Support local brands and products - they're as loveable and as good as the rest all over the world! Take that European minded branders.

Do check out the report on Whiteboard - link on top, for a full view of two local brands. I was wearing one of them, Kavi batik wear, a Bandung-based brand that uses colorful colored batik with contemporary patterns.

It'll be another year before I'll meet again face-to-face with this stick-thin beeeach of food, so toast to this! Take care of the fishy. You owe me one. I wanna burpday gift too~ kekeke

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Turquoise and Lily said...

loveee your photographs.. you did well job! and thanks for your comment