I knew  - well, I won't be pasting my face like a smart-ass but after watching BIGBANG's video, was my tweet update saying this song is a tribute for on-the-day the song was released, was for Japan's second earthquake? Somehow it feels like this is a tribute for the devastation happening currently in the world, and to name well, it's Japan.

You know the craze and raze in the comments. You know you love it. You know you just wanna push them down on that cold harsh ground and do it. That, was the most explicit thing I am going to say public and it's because I'm just representing my friend who's a TOP fan's mind. Don't you deny VIPs. Because I don't mind it as well.

The rings and accessories! Face of the day fo sho! It's been a while. I don't see anything, just my bling blings.

Updated: I'll be still uploading I'm now done uploading all my screenshots thru my Tumblr then working back to upload this page for more fashion gushings on OMG GD I LOVE YOUR LOOK SO MUCH I CAN DIE. YOUR ACCESSORIES ADORNED AND WHATSNOTTHINGAMAJIG. YOU CREATE SOME MALE FASHION MAGIC.

GD, you officially inspire me what to wear today for PARCO's Incubator Show! Let's see if I can get some androgynous kicks in this one.

I love this hate song

I hate this love song

I love this love song.

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