The same hue to my moo(d), I'm in the blues. The new batch for this year's college intake is grotesquely depressing; I will live without a vibrant original CMYK/RGB world God created but only through the 256 million colors my laptop has (or the TV). There is no one to look at. Crush at. AT ALL. Maybe a girl.

"...Not in a sexual way!" -from The Other Side of the Story, Marian Keyes

Please do not blame me, ever, for this. Blame it that Masaki Okada (there is if I ever get a chance to see again), Shirota Yuu, Kim Sang Bum, Kim Ki Bum, Kim Jae Joong, Mizushima Hiro, to (remarkably sparklingly) Taylor Lautner, Oliver James, Gaspard Ulliel, Luke Worrall to not come here. Or their lookalikes.

Every sickness I have been in must have a cure. So this time,
my remedies are as follows:

via Pixie Market

Such a coincidence with the word 'stalker'! Instead of me being the fashion concious and oh-so-fashion-freak just like the fashion faculty briefing today given, a lecturer saying that we even have to know by just the silhouettes of them then we're considered gods. Goddess. Well, what-EVER. I'm sorry but I have a life outside fashion, it's not my 24/7. It's only probably 1/3 of me. Anyhow, I've gotta stop this paragraph. Me contemplating on my studies and career is such a big topic and would be a cynical post. Cheers to that later.

Their designs however, are taken from mostly indie designers and I do love their innovation (indie designers do best!) and the second from the left, that leggings are gorgeous.

But then I wonder, when will the leggings trend end? It started when I was in 10th grade I suppose.

Shopping remedy? But well, I'm looking for shoes which are the top priority, however these days I simply cannot find THE shoes I want; they're all the most excellent diet products for my wallet and I'm not planning to buy it for my wallet anytime soon until I get my own salary.
Oh well, I'm not in shopping mood anyhow.

Little Thing magazine is seriously my actual favorite from all the rest, as I re-flipp
ed through the editions I have in hand and comparing it with the others, they bring out indie and old little notes; vintage, and it's almost like Australia's Frankie. It's something like an indie mag however still covers designers as well as adding arts and crafts and beautiful graphics I adore; not straightforward and paste all those designers that are a bore but a romanticist of little things in life.

Surprise surprise, it's not Japanese, nor it's conducted in English, but in Chinese. I'm a fan since the first edition which I DIDN'T GET BECAUSE I WAS TOO LATE and now I'm going to try to write a letter confessing my love to them, and hopefully they would send me copies or at least the first and the fourth edition, the editions I missed or the bookstore here didn't have a shipment of it. The latest here, July, was seen on Fifi Lapin's newsletter, I think because she made it again inside.

I really really really really really really really really really really really really really love the whimsical dreamy blue hues and contrasting patterns to the soft bleached tie-dye kind of details with pants prints that looks like a mermaid's fin. And the back side is just as pretty, GOD I HAVE TO GET THIS EDITION IT'S THEIR BIRTHDAY EDITION AND IT SHOULD BE THE BEST EDITION OF THE YEAR, usually.

Sadly, like any other Asian magazines I have, I cannot understand it at all, but it's only for the pleasures of my eye. :)

And then some more.
I never could find a brilliant background like this so far in Singapore; from Cherry (online) Magazine.

Beru Bretto's cheeky children sweet as a cherry on top of a cake digital illustrations; was clicking around and I landed on her blog. I tend to adore these kind but amazingly I wasn't really drawn into, but her characters are the ones that would make you squirm due to cuteness.

But then my ultimate remedy is a whole crate of soju.

Not exactly the alcoholic drink, but MySoju of the WWW that databases all the Asian dramas and YES I WAS CORRECT DREAM IS NOW UP and I'm watching it! I simply cannot wait and will not sleep until I spot my hubby go for Dam-bi. =x

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