Dressing Rooms.

If I were not meant to have the clothes I want, then the dressing room is where I would be the prettiest and become the princess of the moment, then I would become a Cinderella and have to put back the clothes; reverie over.

16th July 2009
In Indonesia, with Kenny! <3
Always would do this whenever we'll meet. :)

*my Cinderella outfit*
Top: Ouval Research

Bottom: Hugo Boss Black Jeans, Own ripped, added zippers to sides

Shoes: Flat and Friends
Polka Dot Bag: A handmade brand

*the Cinderella turned Princess dresses*

Early May
In Desigual, Singapore. (note: Just got THE haircut)

*my Cinderella outfit*
Dress: unbranded
Leggings: Topshop
Sandals: Konnichiwa

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