In His Words, We Follow

R I P  
Abduraman Wahid, former 4th president of Indonesia who passed away yesterday, 18:45.
He was 69 years old.

(How it sounds ridiculously ironic with Tiger JK's 8:45, his in memoriam time)

And today,
it is his last presence in flesh before returning back to dust, just buried, and just like Easter was and always is, it rained, it still is raining outside my window.

When he was reported (well, my mom was watching the full report downstairs since early dawn) 1PM they would have the final prayers and all and would be buried, around an hour later the skies were dark and it poured with gushes of cold wind.
I do think it was from him, from above, also giving a sign that his soul has returned home safely in heaven and giving his last blessing to his family and the land of Indonesia (or West Java).

How he was our hero in Indonesia for us Chinese, now some of us pay back a tribute.

No matter where he is or who we are, we would always remember him, the person who has embraced us all regardless of our race decendants and a great leader who soughts for the best with critical thoughts and a down-to-earth person, a politician who truly wants peace than position, like most other Indonesian politicians are to get easy money.

It is said that Indonesia has approx. 220 million people, and 140 million follows him. How reckless his comments sounds, it has always had been a guidance for half of the population in the nation.

Also another prayer goes to Frans Seda, former deputy (somewhere I've forgotten) as he also RIP this morning.

Last thoughts and wishes for this year to close this chapter, and a new one awaits tonight...

I would just catch KBS World, enjoy the chilly weather and sleep afterwards.

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