Croatia + Coastal = Croatstal.

I know right, I know. I'm right now blogging all for the sake becase of these pretty pictures sitting in my old reliable desktop in my home sweet home country, out of Singapore has this annoying folder which I didn't get to go (BECAUSE OF Student Duties, WHAT ELSE.)

Moreover, I'm down with a serious flu I've never had before - and I could only entertain myself bedresting and drag myself to the computer. This is pain. Seeing these pictures to kill time is pain.

So now, Croatstal: is the sound of my voice cracking, ears clogged during this break which I'm supposed to sort of half enjoy leisure and do my essay, I can't do both.

Where did my holiday goal to do my essay?

Because the mucus and phlegm has infiltrated the veins of my brain and my ears (DEAF) and I can't think straight.

My parents are having this 'fourth honeymoon', a trip without me, to the land of Balkan and Croatia! Without me! Imagine! During October, the best times to TRAVEL to your DREAM DESTINATION.

Well, I couldn't do anything much except /facepalm and gape in awe how fantastic the place is, a bit like those France coastal area. For the sake of my friend's profile secrecy, she's my usual pal in touring around the world and because SHE has a week off or two she could join and I COULDN'T stuck in a rathole in Singapore. From far she can look like me with my mom.


Want to see those? Click on for more selected pics that caught my eye and the story of the trip - won't bombard ya.

Yes, the beautiful, serene and brighter blue waters above cyan of Venice. Venice! Gondolas, pretty historical and old buildings with many pigeons at the town square as your usual European tourist scene. It's such a thrill to unearth a photo of Venice from my own computer and not from IMAGES GOOGLE kthxbye.


The Piran townsquare, in Croatia, as promised, and as expected, with unexpected nice shot from my dad who's not artistic at all in handling photography got a good candid of my mom surrounded by pigeons.

Apparently, there was a wedding / pre-wed photography going on in one of the tourists spot...

Flowers in another country is always more prettier and saturated high (always more beautiful than in our own yard. Since you pay like $3000 for your trip, well of course everything looks better) and the coastal beach that looks so serene... Ah...

Not forgetting how you know (well if you read me... or you know me since I've been missing in the blogging world) that I simple LOVE tiny humans. Kids. Babies. Wheeeee~ Well my mom's also a smart quick snapper as the catches stuff on pretty quickly - who are you to talk to when she's Facebook and Twitter savvy with her BBM ringing the entire day - to snap up a picture of this cuuuuuuuuute... BOY. GIRL. I don't know. As long as I know he/she's cute! I'm betting it's a He. He'll grow up soooo handsomely pretty. *obsessed*

Isn't this a releasing, tranquil, third-perfect photograph?

This is Slovenia. This big lake where the world canoe/rowing competition is usually held, and lucky timing did my mom catch this competition when she was there. There is a small island in that lake where people can pray in the church. But prepare your stamina as there are 100 stair flights to reach that church.Talk about flying power activation, NOW. (Although proof to a fact that my parents arrived at the hill, at that first picture there and in which my dad had his crux all along, with one of his leg broken in a huge cast the entire trip. Limping around but made it for this 12-day trip, I applaud)

In another note, aren't my parents cute. Who do I look like? Take a guess!

My dream time is over. Those are the best of the very few of the rest of more pictures with my rents. I guess I'll have to bug le boyfriend - no, le wife to have honeymoon in these beautiful places of antiquity.

P.S. Now it's time to get back to our mundane behind the desk jobs and sneak away those travel packages to book today in those Balkan-Croatia Northern Europe Splendour trip! ;)

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