It had an 8-course meal I can never ever forget. The course had building intensity, burning flavors and passion of chefs who has brought the recipes from their family, years of experience and has produced the best outcome as their personal favorite dish to cook and eat.

Yes, an 8-course meal.
I'm the glutton angel.

Angel it was, wearing white and overexposure was taken during the shot outside the hotel. Well, it started about 2PM in the bloody hot, scorching afternoon in Singapore. Arriving partially late from my company's affair in Tiong Bahru and rushed on to Bus 75 to reach St. Regis by 2-something-close-to-3, the day outside after the course, which ended about 6-plus still gave the bright light, good for an outfit shoot, more coming after. And I was tired to bring my heavy tote! Pardon my touristy-squat stop in the middle of an Orchard Road.

Have you started to drool?
Here comes me, my monstrous appetite, and the details of these magnificent *air kisses with hands pouting like a Hershey Kiss* tea-time dining!

The only thing though to have abolished the 9-cloud dream was the last meal. The very last one had to be the one to bring us back to soiled grounds of earthworms.

•The extensive menu for the afternoon•

Invited for De Dietrich’s Inaugural Celebrity Chefs Charity Cookathon, for Whiteboard Journal's review and support for the donation and charity they are raising through this event, my dear friend ONS - Shirley, as that is my pet name for her (gomenasai, senpai!) and I went to attend this. As my photographer, she captured all these delicious on spot demonstration cooking and pre-prepared meals once the dish was whipped up by the chef itself on stage brought out from the kitchen by like a dozen waiters.

The 10-course eating, awaits in the start line...

•it was dark inside, and I was busy scrambling notes on how it tasted to remember for the write-up•

On each section you can see on the menu, the 10 chefs were present to talk about their dish: inspiration, how-to, and tips and tricks in order to cook. Yes, for all of us who were eating, we also had a goodie bag (who doesn't love GOODIES) that contained a notebook, pen, sponsor, gimmick... and A RECIPE BOOK. Yes, now we can all recreate these dishes by these cohort of renown chefs.

The only glitch when it comes to our own kitchen: We do not have De Dietrich appliances that would perfectly recreate these at home. With all these new kitchen technology shizzle that made me gasp, "whoa" - summing up that new styles of ovens, cream makers, blenders, stove and those equipment, is really the big deal, the real deal, in current gastronomic cooking.

Since I've been raised with a second-hand Ariston stove and home-made cooking... well, let's just say village girl was surprised for cutting-edge kitchenery appliances in 2011.

•cooking demonstration in action!•

Amongst 10 chefs, my personal favorite dishes were these:

Frederic Colin’s Lightly Salted cod with shellfish and fresh hazelnut
Chef Julien Bompard and his "sinful mash potato mixed with butter, butter, butter and cream, cream, cream, and milk."
 Ryan Clift of The Tippling Club on his sea bass with 4 textures of cauliflower

and desserts would leave me to

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier’s own Chef Bernard crispy hazelnut chocolate tart

So yes. That leaves to the Salty Rocher Caramel Magnums by Janice Wong, famous for her 2AM dessertbar in Singapore. Beautiful on the outside, but a killer taste awaits once you bite in.

"come and take a bite," says the stepmother of Snow White.

•taking a death bite of the infamous salty caramel lollies•

To see the entire review, who's which dish and how it tasted like and the dreamy dishes overall, visit the
Main Course review and the Desserts review by me on the Journal!

Not to forget inside-camwhoring of the ballroom, of course.

Finally, the course was over with a congratulatory champagne outside the ballroom where all chefs gathered to commemorate this inaugural event. Being chilled inside the hotel's ballroom for almost 4 hours couldn't make me happier for once to say hello to the sunlight.

*wearing: DEPRESSION white vest, Trois+INCH snake wedges. Accessories: Buddha bauble necklace (his face is facing right and not front, FYI), DIY wool chain necklace, plastic green tote bag (from Taipei, some designer my cousin bought me for birthday!), GUESS? watch, ZARA bugseye sunnies*

 That particularly ends that day very, very well. Tummy's satisfied, outfit's all pretty-fied, which I don't find it very often for me to even wear something CLOSE to knit and wooly stuff.

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