I finally got to wear the Elsa Schiaparelli inspired cynical illustrative tee from The Balletcats which I excitingly got over the holidays... it is true, things we truly adore and cherish are the ones that always stays put safely inside the wardrobe to just be an admiring piece of thing. One thing I try not to wear to often for my favorite pieces is because the more you wash it, the color/image/whatever I like would disappear faster.
Bombarding b I G!


 •wearing The Balletcats tee, black playsuit (from Bianca?), deep blue nylon tights (they're shinee so nice! This is also a new item which I now love), Keds.
accessories: Zara's white bugseye, big beaded necklace as bracelet, chunky charm bracelet from a market in Turkey, given by Maria, stainless steel charm bracelet from Naomi•

And what a call! Carrot Rabbit's gonna have a whole new look, so I'll have to note this out to keep checking back and ordering the moment I return back home in the summer...

I had something in mind about being cynic, but then I lost it. I'll leave it that for now and it should be always for the fun fanfare frivolous fashion facts and crimes of it.

Just a little note on today's outfit and how did I come to it which was a rush in the morning, as usual, going to be 'fashionably' late to photography class. A tee that silently kills with its image - a friend of mine noted it had the middle finger and the quirky presence of it being inspired by Schiaparelli's bizarre ideas and an item I haven't wore in the past year, which I think it has been almost a year since I've touched the black playsuit! And with two new color tights I haven't even worn yet and the white tennis Keds that always adds a touch of youthfulness, erasing any sharp inflections within the look.

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