Never Enough of... (2)


with breathtaking (totally my style) on her captures: blurred, hazy, whimsical, mystical, also working on a Fisheye and lots of multiple exposure shots there.
 Note: I also need to finish 3 more frames in my Fisheye by Saturday! Ideas Ideas come storm my head!

"Mary Jane"

Blogger Adrienne and her kooky blog title showed off her recent random wonder-munder-flunder works PSing and a poem to accompany with, I loike! :)
Please do tell how you did that...?
Tidbit: The BG music's so hip tres chic, I gotta find it immediately and you guys can just go over here to get it!

Andy Chung's clean graphical works with the organic ephemeral mix.
GRAPHIC DESIGN! (as he exclaims so in his page)

Johanna Ruebel's mix of fine sketches and more digital artworks in her interesting named blog, Mega Cagibi, means "french for little lumber room" written in her little note about her. It's not frequently updated, so for once-in-a-bluemoon

AND WATCH OUT FOR: STEVE J & YONI P's studio... it's coming back...

        With keywords of typography and font search downloads to create my next assignment in expressing words to have the visual properties as the word itself, I stumbled upon Chung as he had this free font, where the font's style was like mine! (Hit rockbottom page of my blog and that wish list has the same slashed feature) So to make my life easier, hit the download button!

        I've forgotten where I found Natalea, prolly in LJ, but gawd how simply awesome it is. Teen Vogue girl of the week page for lovely Adrienne's clean, fresh blog full with colors! Clicking from a site to another is easy, a new tab each time, I recently found a non-active Korean magazine that is seriously my style named Nazine, found under Fleamadonna's old collaboration for its editorial styling... and it brings up the last two inspirers.


Adrienne said...

It feels amazing to see my video on your blog! Thanks for sharing it!
And as response to your question, yeah, in Photoshop I made the picture in layers and just saved them each as a JPEG file. Then I made the video in Windows MovieMaker and added the music!

R@!$4 said...

I share what i loike :D
ahhaha most thank YOU TOO my blog's just another database for my evergrowing research storage so i wont have to buy another HDD! Hahahahahaha following u at bloglovin' - should come up sometimes by the detour list smtimes!