'Margins&Mem o ri e s'

The exhibition I eyed on since last Saturday after a glimpse in the newspaper (opening day, the 5th) showcasing one of the most prominent art directors in Tokyo.
As part of the continuing commemoration of Japan Creative Centre that has finally opened last year in Singapore, firstly by importing the Good Design awards and marks the start of "Japanese Hot Designers" (as the rising sun goes), here's the next venue to check out for future Art Directors, graphic designers, and magazine junkie analyst. 

::A quick review for editorial class::
Margins, graphs, right angles and words. It slightly makes up the whole life of an exemplary art director Kimura Yuji, but one's thing is for sure that he takes his first ever exhibition into deep contemplation; the setting, relation of space between his 'fake' editorial works on white-washed walls to present a reticent rhetoric meaning of this exhibition, which he has explained thoroughly of what this event means to him written on the day he finished setting up the place at Japan Creative Centre, 4 Nassim Road.   

Kimura-san's works, though not physically real, captures the essence of his own time, place, and effort he's extracted to the pages he had measured accurately to the nearest points and picas that bombards the busy Japanese people daily from The Asahi Globe Shimbun, GQ, and Esquire to name a few. See, percieve, and take it to heart. But if you'd still don't see the fine line of the margins, fret not, "Layer up, connect, seperate. Sometimes design jargon helps you understand the world around you" Kimura Yuji assures in his description.
 Margins & Memories is now exhibited at Japan Creative Centre until 26th February, 2010.

And now, presenting,

木村ゆじ*ーさん’s first ever exhibition (overseas some more):
The Making of Yuji Kimura
"Margins and Memories"

White, black, and the brilliant red that balances his designs are strongly reflected in almost of his works, in which it is also my favorite minimal color combination.
*warning: image heavy from the exhibition*

                               like these...

This particular image needs to be clicked, and his description about it is worthy to be read and it should be your life goal.

The brochures, then exp a  n   d    e      d.

The venue, 4 Nassim Road.
The secretary had offered that we could even make an exhibition the place free of charge, a something that still relates something Japanese. Now THIS I CAN DO!
My mind had been wondering somewhere between my lomo and daily outfit shots for last year's holiday with extra crafty items added that is still be the truly damned Japanese.

Then went out to enjoy the rest of the lo o o ong break downtown...



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