First project of Art Direction with Daryl Ho - finding things A to Z in nature, the structure of a building or a pattern or anything except originally intended alphabets, then to arrange it in a layout in an "aesthetically pleasing manner" <-- you'll hear, or well, read this a lot soon because that is what my brief always states (copy pasted).

         The theme was 5 minutes in my head after it was introduced. I didn't know how it came, but it just made my mind and it made it easier for having a theme, right? Moreover, the valentine season is coming soon and to repeat, it wasn't inspired because of this.

It just came.

        Cropped out the pictures to squares so it would be Holga-like, made them desaturated except the I and U in the middle, then printed it out and went to stuck it into an artcard where I cut the shape out, to make the sewing easier (adding a crafty touch) so it does resemble a not asymptotic line, a loop that functions to show the heart, bringing it all together then finally had the final shots on my exterior rough facade and unplanned wood floor. Just for fun.

        And by the way, I chose Fashion Communication as my major, and this new semester marks the start of a hectic 'all hail deadlines' and a magazine junkie certified life!

        "Fashion Communication has graphic design elements. In fact, this is actually graphic design. But focusing on the fashion industry and their wants" as said by my programme leader Ginette. So in the end, I am in the graphic design industry. Cannot avoid computers one.
(crap the Singlish came out!)
And this is due by tomorrow. Happy happy printing it out tomorrow~

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