CPJ progress...

       Two plans were canceled today, whut derr fakq dudes! I didn't get any notice for the violin practice at all while the other was updated well. At last I laze around the house while setting a goal to finish my Typography history and notes from Daryl Ho's this week's lecture, then finish planning for his 'A to Z in nature' project... I would then reveal it next week after Wednesday, submission day.
       It was pretty productive, not only I finished, I went on playing with the newly bought materials that makes diets for wallets successful without any pills or slimming teas. Copic markers, watercolors, and black pens!

      A blank black cover. What should I do? The CPJ for my Fashion Communication modules. What to and how to decorate the front page? I recently just printed a Fifi Lapin image out of the blue since I finally hooked my printer and wanted to print something! Then I arranged it and saw that it was good! However I haven't have stuck it because I wanted to make my own digital edits. So, dear Ms. Fifi Lapin...

do you mind being my first hero for my Fashion Communication cover page sketchbook, framed by my quick 10-minute cardboard frame?

             Good to be true, Fifi Lapin is one of the most iconic in the online world inside out, being a fashion communicator hero. It suits well enough, also having the chance to see this adorable bunny everyday when adding more things and jotting ideas and work like hell on the Creative Process Journal, I do charm this bunny to make my mind to be creative always!

          I hope Ms. Fifi bounces immediately and hop on her desk to reply, I can't wait to decorate my cover page!

        Fashion Communication has the most exciting modules with deadlines that kills us all. No fear for any drudgery during this second semester, thanks to Styling, Editorial Production, Art Direction, Photography, except the tiring V+P traditional one... Oh dear...

A to Z, 
meeting for editorial shoots,
NOiSE Singapore re-submissions...
SHINee preparation. (I gotta have a strong heart next weekend.)

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