Well, look what has gotten to my inbox.
Japanese fev-ah!
Of what I sort of thought.
Thirteen-year-old blogging sensations are just the beginning. For Spring, designers kicked their youth obsession up a notch by indulging in some Lolita fantasies. Christopher Kane drew inspiration directly from the Kubrick movie for his sweet gingham baby-doll dresses, and Stella McCartney’s off-the-shoulder ruffled blouse and Moschino Cheap & Chic’s retro two-piece and floppy sun hat might also have been plucked directly from the film’s costume department. At Prada, meanwhile, itty-bitty pinafores were paired with pigtails, red lips, and plastic shades—the only thing missing was a cherry lollipop.

*Chanel's barnyard country girl. Well the model has gotten the exact pose of what a goth loli does in a way*

•Alexander Wang's interpreted 'football lolita player' look
but still the hairstyle has the same country feel•

•Miu-Miu country-braided hairstyle teamed up with mandarin-like collar cut dress. No traces of ruffle magic at all... probably the shoes are...•

•The only lolita feel: big black bow a friend used to do by Milly•

•Shocking pink and ruffles and bloomers, the only one close is Betsey Johnson•

•A sudden leap of love: LoVe?
Louis Vuitton doesn't really suit this kind of style however...

•Now I probably understand. Jacobs having the high-waisted va-va-room ruffles whatever you call it fever for both, here at Marc Jacobs•

 •Peter Som's schweede style up from head to hair•

 Well, I'm not sure what they're talking about being a lolita but the gist isn't there. A repetition of country messy hair-dos with soft contrasted color matches and patterns doesn't make up to a lolita, nor a Japanese style... I guess all I could say is, do work harder, live it, western designers! You can never get the Japan ITs.

an article from the Style File blog

 extracted and re-interpreted.

And yet my Japan trip photos haven't been sent so still it's under the process of writing 7 posts.

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