To Haiti with Love.

•LOGG (H&M) striped tank top, The Executive striped shirt (again, tied up), Kill City skinnies, Bianca scarlet polka-dot wedges, recycled Taiwan designer green tote.
Accessories: Colorful stone Buddha charm baubles necklace, red baubles bracelet, black flower ring•

Today was supposedly a day to have a human spirit to support Haiti in wearing red. I'm not a red person, and I took all things that I have was red, which was these only three items, but hey, managed to put them together!
It was the very first styling class with frivolous fun Mr. Rezandi again so yeah. Not dressing up means business to him. >, >"

My pedicure is still nice and thick peeking out of the peep-toe holes... <3

The backside that gives textural effect.

Thanks to Jacky for inviting (she's the most humane from all of us bless her) to a Facebook event that says "wear red today for Haiti"!

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