This doesn't come once. FT Island's Minhwan used to be mine as well, perfectly answered.
I got Jae from TVXQ! as well...

I used to like Onew then because of an old quiz I took I had Key, and I was quite upset. But the more I thought about it, in the end I'm a Keycess already. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
But of course I still love my little cute dongsaeng and big oppa and (omona what's this) cute Minho with a Keroro outfit...

Even if he's got the gangster or cool guy wannabe or just damn annoying face.

Or even go dancing all those girl dances . . . that makes fangirls cringe and go bashful and yell widely.

 But he's always hilarious in his own kind of way. ^^

Silly or not, it is, I mean the quiz wasn't meaningful even to the creator but hey, don't I always get 'lucky' in these.

 A very sweet dream indeed, beautiful nightmare I don't want to wake up again ever!

Well, go figure. I'm also pretty hopeful in these absolutely rubbish meaningless  who's your soulmate from a boyband quizzes.

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Anonymous said...

aaaah!! starking gw ga mau nonton!! entar jd spoiler.. nunggu sfi yg sub,,, heehee

(account lj lupa pw.. zzzz)