Some huge more than 3 meters vehicle must have passed this and scraped their top. Hmmm.

Toilors and Silk. ROFLMAO

To think that we thought we'll never go to Bangkok... 2 minutes left for departure... literally two and doors are closed...

Let's not go there.

Day 1 in Bangkok proves that the place is just like Indonesia with a easy feasibility of travel in Singapore (read: on foot and train) and that I, who have officially graduated from my Bachelors and is properly labeled a Degree holder, has a very first trip on her own in the wild, wild shopping heaven of the City of Angels.

While doing an impersonate Pornsak Sukhumvit of Channel 5 The Noose on repeat and getting my accent right to be a localize tourist, there are things that certainly is only and applicable to Thailand.

No, not tuk tuks, I didn't ride any for H and I was still in flu and cough (and yet we still share the same utensils) way before when we did Music Matters, Song Joong Ki, and now apparently trying to get in T-ARA Lovey Dovey Bangkok fanmeeting, but some certain social rules that took to my surprise.

Theatre watching: Apart from the recommendation that I was suppose to watch the 4D show (now showing The Avengers, H has watched twice, we opt for normal movie instead) for about 400 Baht (100 Baht is S$4), I went to finally watched MIB 3 which pulled my tears at the end for James, aka Agent J. Spoiler no, it was the part where advertisements ran for about half an hour where we dashed from the streets to go scurry back to Paragon and be in time for the show at 9PM, and where afterwards, had to stand up to give salute to the King's video and national anthem (? Correct me if I'm wrong). That was new for me. After that bit of impromptu stand up I sojourn to my comfy seat for 120 Baht which can auto-incline and my Hello Kitty popcorn tub and drink. Sanrio-certified products (hologram sticker attached) minus the Yen pricing. Serious love.

First thing we ate after we land: DUNKIN' DONUTS, I had Men in Black 3 donut and it was DELICIOUS I regretted taking the two glazed peanut donuts as I wanted this kind. Oh oh oh.

Dinner: FUJI Japanese Resto (recommended by Champ, again) and ordered huge sashimi bento for like 220 Baht. CRAZY CHEAP QUALITY TOP NOTCH. Makes me want to return but quickly H reminded me that we have other places to try out

And oogling at street foods of sate (so familiar) but confused if the meat is really the meat we want... (too much watching Indonesian news channels)


Trains: Instead of Taxis, I opted for train (I'm listening to Champ 24/7 here) and yes, their trains look exactly like MRT. So I felt like I've arrived in Changi Airport again after 2 hours. The officers were so very helpful, both inside the control station (if they call it that way) and the special way for luggages. They tried their best to accomodate our answers after we arrived at SIAM station which we were suppose to alight at NATIONAL STADIUM. Meh we turned around and walked with my huge luggage with me (empty) and bumped into local stars doing their interview in one mall. Then we were out and lost.

So trains here, like SMRT and SBS (brands) have different lines like to what Singapore have presently, navigate around the town. First the airport link, then we change to the city green link. Tickets are priced affordable for 45 Baht from Airport, and another 20 for city of 2 stops. More or less, we arrived at the 'Dhoby Ghaut Interchange' of Bangkok, but imagine it being open air.

I forgot what else but boy, were we faded out and crashed in right after a wondrous shower with peppermint shower gel and shampoo which is ultra-refreshing and cooling to my head!, oogling our cute room and going rather gaga of what should our bubble speeches be filled with (as seen down below). 


there's more but this is long overdue I have forgotten what else did we discover that day. Just a thought down below...

Is it... oh no. Just checking. It's a legit skin-only clinic and no tucking in things of 'things.'

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looks like a great trip!
me miss you ! when are you coming back for good?
i'll only be in sg on the end of july/ early august!

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