from AFF2012 Facebook, Nico showing a Mugler piece, for the show tomorrow.
 Nicola: "I'm so nervous right now"
Colin: "He's talking rubbish,"
Nicola: (laughs) "It's my first time doing this sort of thing"

Confabulation of the day.
What a fab, fab, fab afternoon for a gab with fashion's grandfather of journalism from England (may I say, pardon) and with a surprising childlike personality, always happy, always optimistic, and always in his own world and bubble everyone is invited to, Nicola Formichetti.

Before jumping onto his hilarious, kischy antics of what makes Nicola just Nicola during the 45 minute talk, I'll share in a snap of my view; I didn't know he would speak, that was a plus point to have entered the AFX ring, and didn't expect how he, being 34, has his hands entirely all in all fashion industry aspects, and still juggling for more, and in the end, I felt that he, made the Lady Gaga 'concept' - if it wasn't for him to take interest in her, she would only be a mere blonde American pop and dance singer, and not avant garde Barbiexperimental doll to surf styles from Sun to the Milky Way. Believe that he picked her up after 'Just Dance', or at least I think it was, because she was still just a blonde, and actually pretty, she then turned into WORLD MEGASUPERSTAR because of what fashion and artistry did to her thanks to Nicopanda.

As much time has to keep on ticking and le grandfather has slipped off VOGUE HOMME NIPPON out of his list to confab more about this area of Nicola's work, perhaps one day if I could see it in person how a Vogue Homme Nippon comes around although it was something I look foward to most. (You know me. The otaku.)

"I'm 34, fakq it. I look young because I'm half-Asian" (cheers and claps erupted in the entire conference room)

Casually, he started pulling off his blazer, revealing his bare developing muscular arms and very dark tan. "It's hot... do you like my Bali tan?" (which I then assume that he hung out with J's friend A and KTZ boys if they're in Bali)

Onwards to the full interview (rather a bit soft voice, sorry, use headphones and sudden gushing of people) to be listened below:

This is the love In 10 words or less...
Colin McDowell Full conversation w Asian Panda @formichetti #fashion #AFS2012 fullstop


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I love the way you write. It's so fun! What a cool event. Jealous!

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