(oh-wdf-i-forgot-where-i-got-this-from)'s amazing men collection sketch.
If this is your werk, please let me know down below and I'll make amends! Thank you to your talent that I'm mesmerized. Love love love. Make sure that you kind of copyright this or sth. in case a high street store copies! 
Although copying is the sincerest form of flattery. 

Eye-catching Seoul Fashion Week invitations... Super whut derr fakq creative, man. And other typographic spotting and more designs. I'm speechless. From thexoxokids.

How could I have not known this man? Hiroshi Nonami is a conceptualist photographer which Minjae from the above loves and thanks to him, I have grown a love for his werks too.
I respect him that he does not use Photoshop in any of his images. Like other websites giving explanations, his images are conveyed all organically by hand, no digital involved.
Yes! One man jumping into my wagon defying all digitals.

Now, who's this? Earthy familiar? No? That creeps out but still can't place? Try to see him again.

Harry Po--er's star Daniel Radcliffe (WDF? seriously? YES!) brings his avant garde look for Dazed and Confused, this coming November edition. Styled by noneother than part of the D&C fashion team himself, Robbie Spencer.

Since it's the time of the new cycle in fashion, this is a dedication to round-ups of interesting fashion shows recently held the past month/previous...

VANQUISH with ultra short shorts for men! Not women. Time to show that muscly/super skinny thighs, dudes. Although this is the only one. Ha! Watch out for the spunky afro-dude in their collection! See the full collection here. On a not similar note, this model reminds me of ChadChad of thexoxokids.
Advernturers and hippie free-thinkers with short cargo pants and skinny pipes are in for banal chic bizzare with their S/S2011. I want some of their things!

Only the Japanese can do this. MIKIO SAKABE × Chim↑Pom brings the whole family of child dreams down to the runway! This is WDF! worthy. Micky and Snow White and a red Doraemon. 

From The Cherry Blossom Girl, brings in Kenzo's Gold anniversary collection. Beautiful wonderful captivating like really, WDF. Colorful patterns from basic stripes fo Russian-inspired matryoshka dolls... 

 Then I had fun with tilt shift makers where they look like dolls I'd love to get and place it to my glass board. It's the same effect of the UNIQLO calendar on the left there. It's certified whutderrfakqizvatcollection! awesome.

Note: Finally, living up to the name of the site, 
I decided to change this inspiration post search 
as it does reflect on bizzare and quirky things,
with some touch of cuteness once in a while
as I also like things expressively said, "cute!"
Tee hee! So here's things that odds you out
and wonder, WHUTDERRFAKQIZVAT, man!

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