Can't Nobody.

   Three images, one concept. What happened two weeks ago, is finally done today ready to make a BANG to the world! Here I present to you,
WILD AND FREE exclusively for Nylon Japan Spring 2011.

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Photography, Art Direction & Styling   |   ELIZABETH RAISA

                                                     Model                                 |   IRINA T. of The New Paper's New Face
                   Make-Up                              |   ANGELINE HAR
      Equipment & Assistance                |   RICHARD CHEN


     Now I'll continue to the dry part: CONCEPT.
     However, there's only one explanation which will then branch out. What she wears, is what I would like to wear in the streets of Japan and beyond if I have that kind of body. Ha! :D
     For this special shoot, my first vision is first dreamed which now visually looks like the first spread. I had visualize that that leggings had to be worn, and be kicked in a certain way to fill the frame and successfully be a fashion shoot, as you have to endorse the clothing for this concept.
     In a quiet street in Singapore. In front of the rusty church, the city girl wears bold colors and patterns.
     In addition, sunglasses are endorsed, a different one on each spread. Think the styles of...

Noneother than 2NE1 and the usual Japanese sense of color-layering. No one can let us down, so go with a flow with your own style or whatever best you do!

Thank you very much to my very small team, and I dedicate this shot to you guys to make this diamond happen.

       On a last note, sharing of other of my faaavvveeee shots that I can't use, as we only need to submit 3 images. I hate breaking it down but here goes!

Possible layouts and titles, but will not do (explained below):

      The title and layout works extremely well, as dynamics of the first shows a rich attitude and it's all glamed up. What doesn't work is the restriction of NYLON JAPAN's usual measurements that they'd always have a white-off/border/margin. Because of the size which is not A4, they've probably made it that way. Second photo works as cool as it is, but the strap is un-doable with clone unless pure dedication in smooth editing. Third works as fine, same case as the first - measurement. But this image works as very well with the angle-illusion of her legs being very long.

That's a wrap for these colorful bling-bling tie-dye clash color gems! 

Comments and critique are always welcome to be dialogued (so quickly jot your thoughts below!). Thank you once again to Irina, Angie, and Richard.

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