It really has been a week again... and I decided to post this earlier but with updates tomorrow to close the month where I WILL BE NOT CELEBRATING HALLOWEEN.

On Monday, I showed off my new look which you can scroll below and see a bit of scarlet madness and a hat.

 The rest of the days were plenty boring, with last classes ongoing to finalize our projects and WHEW, I've got 4 projects in hand that I gotta start working right now! Very much going to be anti-social from now on as next week most of my pals would be starting their internship while I... have to *cross fingers* attain a visa for my intern. I'm freakin' excited so I'M CROSSING MY FINGERS REALLY HARD THAT PAPERWORK AND VISA AND ALL THINGS WILL BE EFFICIENTLY AND SMOOTHLY DONE. (>,< )`\

I checked it out where the office was and boy, was I blown away...

It's scary, and totally out of my wildest dreams. So will see. I must work things out with my two own hands! Dubai Embassy staff, please don't look at me like a young girl, I am old enough to go and work even though the birthdate in the passport is correct! (This is the time where my age-ful face/look comes in handy. I HOPE!) No, the birthday in the passport is wrong, it's supposed to be 1985. Now I can apply my visit pass visa with ease.

On the other hand, look at my new Mozilla persona! Cupcakes!

Two things to give a shout out though!

Locally-shot Perlini Silver campaign for 'REBIRTH', and I caught something familiar. It's the laser-cut holes leggings! (Plus it's on end of season sale now. It's been adorned to most famous Korean idols so get get!) I'm sure it's from Fleamadonna - it gives a great extra texture to the whole outfit! (Y) And I discovered Andy being the hairstylist, so way to go, Andy! He said that this campaign will run worldwide even in Italy, where the brand comes! Loving their silver collection as well which is not included in this shoot - they've got a mixture of clay and other cute charms but I guess it's much more expensive than the usual Perlini. Gotta wait!

Also in CATALOG OCT edition, whee~ Awesome. Don't blame me, I'm such a nerdy fan. But this is a great layout too~

Suecomma Bonnie on sale OH DEAR just as I made a big expense and decision to go. D:
I know I should decide for the future but this Earthly good is too bad to be missed! I did see my beloved 'Cinderella' shoes as I felt dreaming being so high, high above the ground but the price tag... Not friendly. Yet. Hmmmm.

    The long awaited letter from my one of the deelish chicken in town, won by tweeting to Nando's Singapore, was waiting for me to pick up, probably in the mail since Thursday. Isn't the letter print and the design of the wallet coupon leaflet very nicely done! Must hit the chicken for a cluckety cluck peri-peri delicious moment as it expires this weekend. D:

Kick in the air and bring the roof down on Saturday  for the K-TIGERS!

The show was SO COOOOOOL all the guys looked so fine and the girls, ROCK ON! GIRL POWER! Look out for the full report, updated hopefully tomorrow~

Another Sunday has arrived: this time it was a day out to enjoy. Needed to forget all the things that are making my head spinning like mad because I'm so worried about what I have to face next week, so a day out to see what's up in town with Miss Foo after a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time is absoluteeeely neeeeeeeeeded.
Out to eat at Nando's Tanglin as I have gotten a cockle-doodle mail earlier on Friday,

and no, it doesn't get you in the mood to shop but to sleep. Sleepy sleepy~
I wonder why all Singaporeans line up to eat at Nando's, weekday or weekend. Back in Jakarta, when they had a big store in TA, it was sooooo empty daily no one ever ate in Nando's until finally a few years of being empty on weekdays and having a few people around on weekend, they closed down for good. I guess Singaporeans looking at a big, empty Nando's waiting for them to occupy would definitely satisfy them compared to small, crowded and very cluttered Bugis Nando's branch.
A review soon in OpenRice... will be linked-upated here! Watch this SPACEEE.
Miss Foo made an embarkation out from her house today in search of a perfect dress for an upcoming wedding event That sounds serious. Anyways, that was the goal, getting a dress. And of course, River Island being voted by most magazines to be the best place to find party dresses and of course, being one of the common things we have is that WE LOVE RIVER ISLAND. DEFINITELY THE MOST RELIABLE PLACE FOR THE BEST THINGS AT THE BEST TIME AND PLACE. (Y)

Fu, photooooo!

I'll leave with a sneak peek post, of what inspired me for my upcoming project...

Week 13, close!

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