"Be invited to the hottest party of the year featuring Topshop and Topman's latest Fall 2010 collection in the run!"


rocking the roof on ION's 8th level, that's where the hype is.
          I cannot agree anymore with the invitation: it is literally, physically, truly, the burning hawtest anniversary party of the year. But before coming to describe what it felt like being there, let's go back to the start on how did I manage to get these exclusive invites!

          As you all might not know, Style Scout has been London's very own street style's eye, but without any connection to Topshop. In conjunction with their huge 'WE ARE ONE' anniversary party, they had opened a contest for anyone who wanted to be part of their Style Scout - proudly showing the badge there - to get invited to the party AND the chosen winner getting a Topshop wardrobe.

         NOW, WHO DOESN'T WANT THAT. I think people who do not join is missing. BIG TIME. Sad. Hmmm. well, Maybe you shall join next year. Who knows when 'WE ARE TWO' they'd do it again. All in all, thank you to the most fffantatstic ffffashionable team of Fashion Fast Forward to organize something hawt to look forward to near at the end of the year. 
              Frankly, I was contemplating on whether to sign up or not - being secretly intimidated by, well 'hello, I'm a nobody and here I am trying to be someone on that day' and with other great popular bloggers in the local scene. And, I had two other events to attend which really pulled off my life string crashing immediately to bed after my late supper after, which means I either could attend the party after or before the show I'm watching in Esplanade or not to come at all because it's just jammed out going back and forth from Orchard-Cityhall-Somerset in such a short amount of time to travel. I needed a miracle to fly.
              Before I knew it, I signed up, and patiently waited for  me exclaiming "OHEMGEE I GOT CHOSEN. Oh, wow. Wow, wow, wow. How am I supposed to run from class to Orchard to Esplanade after?"
              Of course, I couldn't miss it even though I've ticked the box where "I cannot attend the party" and finally left class earlier with the permission of my lecturer. I changed to dress-ready for the hot weather coming in the car park. Yes, the car park. This is why, it's the hawtest party. My outfit was on a  long thought and trials of 3. I based it on what I wanted to wear first: Topshop lace tights which I rarely wore but felt that this had to get out today, matched with camel-colored shorts, in tribute for fall's trend, and finally topped with a light white jersey to keep cool, however my maxi-blazer was made out of synthetics shine so it did made myself a walking sauna. Cut-out beige oxford heels completed the look, and this was as casual and fall-trend follower as I can get, but Singapore's weather is very much suitable. It was a 50-50 balance as Esplanade halls are very, very cold. Story of my day.

              Excited and waited for Olin to come down - the easiest person to bring as she lives across ION goodness' sake - and finally going up to the 8th level in ION, where the party cocktail has long started. I was ready with the barcode given (see how strict and private this party was) with a serial-numbered wrist band and a fan to, do-oh, fan ourselves inside "in case you get hot inside."

             I was in.

 •Me with that ridiculous face with Olin! Wearing unbranded maxi blazer, Cotton On white jersey, Agnes B lock and key necklace, Polo shorts, Topshop lace stockings, Adity shoes•

              Lots of peeps were buzzing here and there, renown Singapore bloggers' snapping away and other chillin' out at tables and spots getting drinks.  I know there are  numerous notable people around although I couldn't identify them one by one as it was dark. But I did meet James, as he was taller than I remember so... trying to snap pictures in the dark light looking for people.
              This is what I call one cocktail party - I was literally shocked to see Frolick - yes that Frolick, that yummy colorful yogurt stand which has been around even way before Sour Sally - to give out yogurts - for nifty taste cup free! I was ecstatic. I needed a blissful chill from the hot hot hot hot hot hot weather. Other than that, Coke had a pretty awesome stand and the beer corner on the other side... but the best part would be the tall tables, filled with cute Topshop bottles which are not New Water I tell you, they're oxygenated water. Well, I'll take the word. Topshop brings and gives us the best! But still, this isn't the focus. The best part was... the little killer bite-sized Crunch which is much a killer than a normal sized chocolate bar. My hands are so itched I couldn't stop taking eating stuffing grabbing more and more of these. The best thing was, the bowl was infinite. As bottomless at it gets the staff when unseen fills it again, making it full! I could have lived life shorter due to diabetes if I haven't stop taking.

  •Peach and original with a prize of their signature pins! Yay, adding it to my pins collection•

 •Guilty pleasure table. EH, that's not my trash OK. I stash it in my bag so no one knows.•

               As the hype heightens, so does the heat.

              The car park space is filled with more people, laughing, chatting and eating. And I didn't know that I was allowed to sit - or there were even seats until James pointed out that Stacey's saving up a seat! So I quickly rushed over to the area and with a nod from the security with a flash of my hand:

         We're in!
        7:01 PM and ticking. The heat is on, people.

               Little mini bites were given again whilst sitting where I got a partly bad place towards the end of the U-catwalk turn. I was perspiring madly, and everyone on opposite seats alike was mirroring us, fanning ourselves for a breath of fresh air. With just a few minutes late over 7:15PM, the lights were dimmed, the music louder. The other side of the U seats gave a big cheer when the first model came out.

TOPMAN AW 2010 consists of MMM-inspired skinny ripped jeans in monochrome colors, parachute jackets, wool sweaters and the usual graphic tees, topped with beanies and boots. 

I bet the models were perspiring and trying to keep their cool and scream "SO HOT" behind the walls.

The fashion show so hot with handsome models walking cooly with winter clothes in the carpark, I kept my friend's best statement of the day: "Wow, this is one very Singaporean moment. Autumn/Winter fashion show in the carpark in Singapore freak weather." Hell yeah to that. That sums up the experience in WE ARE ONE, Folks!

              Nah, I was just kidding. But yeah, that's literally the whole experience. Now I know why Audi Fashion Festivals are held for Spring-Summer only. Tee hee.

              I hereby present you the exciting pumping blasting experience given on the day of the show. Click on the video to play, don't see, but enjoy the music whilst continuing reading because the videos are in sucky quality sorry.

My personal favorite shot. Unedited, except the title. Good shot! *Pats me on the back

                  I couldn't stay for the Topshop show as I had to run to another event which I've told beforehand, but here's a little sneak peek of the show! I'm sure Topshop's winter line has a greater bold colors, playful sweaters in a variety of designs and bottoms and stand-out party frocks under Unique  that will surely rock your autumn moments and end of the year parties soon coming your way in Singapore and beyond.  I can guarantee 110% anyone can at least find an item they like in the store; Topshop is much reliable for chic runway trends at high street price but what's more to expect from them is those unexpected twists to bring out our inner youth and cool. You can expect this twist down below - not the usual camel-colored autumn wear, but the opposite. The catwalk moment itself was heard that SS was gonna walk the runway. SS is noneother than Singapore model Sheila Sim so I was bummed to miss that out.

            ...and chop, chop! I went off, only looking to find that we can get a goodie bag! Seriously, the day doesn't get any better than this. I digged in the moment I got home - and shared the treasure:

•Topshop bag, Style September issue, red Topshop pouch and two mini bottles! Plus Topshop's fan of love•

         That was silver, but the gold was, lo and behold, the 214 magazine!

        As I'm a magazine junkie, this was one rare opportunity to get hold. I hope this will be out next year available to all in stores! But nonetheless, here are top spread picks I love seeing. Oh goodness free magazine with great art direction, this is one thing to cherish.


 (Whut derr fakq? My team's visionary concept for our editorial project last year, with the forests as our background and for our product page to use branch/bark is used here? SO COOL. Our concepts are as high as Topshop's are man!)

Here's a fun page where you can find out where you stand/what blogs you have to ridiculously devote too. Tee hee! Whaddya think guys, the magazine  SHOULD BE AVAILABLE TO US LITTLE TOPSHOP MAGGOTS EVERY TIME UK PUBLISHES IT RIGHT? SAY IT WITH ME! COMMENT BELOW IF YOU WANT THIS TOO TO BE AVAILABLE FOR US ALL WHEN EACH NEW SEASON COMES. :)

          I thank you myself for enjoying the magazine under my air-con at home and not on the spot. It was sickening for me to miss the 20% shopwide discount event in ION, but this time I'll look forward to WE ARE TWO.

*with my best Brit high-street accent* 'erhm hm, I hope you had a really bloody hell of a great night, Topshop and Topman! A happy belated burrth day to you!'

You cool hooligans that's still living it in Singapore keep on track with the toppest of the top ffffashionable hawt updates (WDFakq? doesn't make any sense) from them right here.

Stay cool, be cool always - amidst the hawt heat of our tropical island.

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