I'm exhausted. Last week was full of Parties/Socializing week, I'm not a party person, so going to 5 events on the weekend was extremely exhausting with college projects combined.

Hermes' scarves are as legendary as it gets in the fashion scene, so not going here would be a total miss. After annoying Miya and terrorize her to come for her class submission for editorial 'fashion event' theme, I finally can accompany someone! The only memoir I got was this hideous picture of me. The array of foods from Over Easy is laid out by the cuisine-based, American had a place with graphic and pop art room with hot dogs, sausages, and mini burgers. The Japan section had sushi platters and japanese light snacks and the most delicious jello mixed with alcohol. I'm a virgin when it comes to all hardcore party delicacies, so that's how I can explain it right now.

When was this again?
Oh oh, Tuesday.

Wednesday was a dinner out at Sentosa at Cafe Del Mar!

Eat, eat, eat! Be tantalized with the review I made thanks to Open Rice Tasty Union - where else when else can you go out meet new people AND the important person of the restaurant sitting down with you chatting away while food being served without making your wallet go on a diet and you pumping the fat? (Well, the only truth is that last bit)

•sneak peek! see the rest and get going to Sentosa to dip your forks to the best mashed potatos ever tasted.•

Then Friday for three more.

My mind going deliriously tired! Topshop Anniversary, Cookin' Nanta show, and Desigual special new season collection launch members' only discount!
But all was so interesting, with Sentosa being the most memorable - the people were awesome and I got earrings from Miss nice Seraphina who made it herself, spoon and fork pair earring which really reflects to what I... well I'll share the pain and gain, we like most : digging in food! :D

Thank you, I'm using it on a daily basis!

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