She Bangs

In celebration of new hair, as promised, the hairstyle my parents want and the hairstyle I don't want, I took my birthday hat and matched it around with my new dress which ad stripes, and you know the rest - matching it with more stripes from my wardrobe. I bang my bangs! I do love my thick fringe.

It's been a while since I got acquainted again with dressing up - one class a day in a lazy afternoon just across my house doesn't necessarily need to be decked out however, I paired this earlier with my new Paul Direk blue striped shoulder-padded dress and it's just nice. :) Again, the hat is out again from my corner of my cabinet, second time out of my house!

Curse it, I know so sad the rad red color of my hair dyed at the back only to be designed as bottom accents in my hair isn't showing very well. How I love the color and need more color!

•wearing Paul Direk blue striped shoulder-padded dress, black Cotton On translucent top, The Executive red striped shirt.  Red bowler hat, turquoise stone necklace as bracelet, flower rings, chain necklace, Rotelli boots• 

 A bonus! The chain necklace more visible - a birthday gift as well from Cin and Lontong! ㅋㅋㅋ

   Story of my life today. I realized one journalism make-up class was at 10AM, but found no one and without waiting, because it was a gloomy and pouring morning I was still at my drowsy mode, I went back home to do a bit of slumber which a while later had problems because of sudden toilet urge. That was not nice at all.
   Then I checked my mail, as I e-mailed lecturer previously on class confirmation, she actually replied me 4AM saying class is at 10AM. I looked at my screen, 11:40AM. Never mind, my tummy is not at its best, I'd stay close to the toilet for a bit.
   By 1:30PM I was already OK and went off to school for a supposedly 'surprise class' in lecture, and was frantic as the door was closed! I banged the door, and try to hear something from the inside, was their voices? But it was silent (door was sound proof too) and tried to call coupla classmate but in the end there was NO CLASS. WHAAAAT. Went back home and went to do extra fangirl mode: JongKeyTV is such an addictive channel even though I DESPITE IT.
    Photography class at 4:30 to pitch on final lookbook project and I need to have 6 instead of 3 looks. Drat the ones I borrowed from my seniors below has only like, 3-4 pieces. Oh dear.


I went off to BA's Fashion Room to fine my other lovely Indon inhabitants who I wanted to discuss about the loukbouk project but I guess itwas more of a chit chat session - I was bored since I was going to wait for Mad for Garlic dinner with Clarisse, we talk talk talk got distracted with my red hat which was passed around to many other members of the room, here, there everywhere. Pass on the hat - this surely did gain much attention, this little red boushi.

Finally, 7+PM came around to meet Clarisse - I needed a break for a fangirl session and intern dilemma. We went out for my old old belated birthday promise, bringing her to Mad for Garlic, the Korean Italian Wine Bistro franchise. Photos will be up from her soon, so meanwhile I'll leave you guys lingering for Haagen Dazs Paradise of 6 mini flavors and waffle, chocolate drizzle and bits of sweet sour fruits of our dinner.

•Had the best Monday dinner ever! Garlic snowing Pizza consists of shrimp, large garlic flakes and cheese with mayonnaise - sweet taste! Mine was the Seafood Risotto. It was grandeurly filled with much seafood cuts, and this is the best promotion ever to get a plate of great seafood bits of squid, scallops,  and slice of sour cheese and vegetables. The ending was paradise indeed•

Come to think of it, my bangs looks like le ex boyfriend's old RDD look. Minus the red. HEY! I wanted red on my bangs, man! Ah, the stylist is really... cute trained. Sigh. When my bangs grow I'll do exactly what he does. Man, this is really a love and hate relationship. I shaved my hair, he shaved it after for Lucifer, now I'm returning trackback. Don't mind the rest, it's also a friend-enemy relationship with Key-Nicole. Remember that previous fat incident.

AND STILL ON TOP OF TRENDING TWITTER, #JONGKYUNG, THE BIG HEADLINE NEWS OF THE DAY. Congrats to the seriously lovey dovey couple of 1 month where Jjong treats her more like a Queen than a princess.
ohgoodnessifakqingenvyyounowsekyungineedaboyfriend. TAEYANG, I can be your girl!

 Lots are changing - firstly, not spending more time in this portal and more in my other three and a half: 1, 2, 3, 1/2. Tee hee. Then the text - I guess Times looks a bit nicer, almost like Garamond in a smaller form. So I hope reading this would be eye-friendlier now. And I'll drop by with more design whutderrfakqizvat finds, portfolio, and fashion steals and looks. You know where to find for most event coverage, Korean entertainment and Asian fashion news, as well as Indonesians in Singapore affairs.

Finally, another member shot of old team from another eye - camera! Hahaha must be one of Richard's boss'. Rad, rad, look.

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Vania Christy Raharja said...

bangsnya lucuuuu....... :) kayak lee min hoo.. hehehe ... hows everything there.. ? sprtinya kamarnya lebih rapi skgg.. hahaha... :))