I'm sure that if you have a muse, an idol you love to the max, and an obsession to be like him/her, then I guarantee that you'd love to bring them around - the mini version, of course. Either key chains that has their picture, photo in your wallet, a big pin-up covering your folder, and the easiest: desktop wallpaper.

I'm sure that at least your desktop wallpaper is showing what you like/person you j'adore.
Now fashionistas and the true follower of mainstream fashion can actually hang the person you adore most

The ones who have made a dream come true to bring our designer muses around is Flash Trash, with a really cute logo,

and also give links to other accessory lines that sells ah-mazing bling blings I'd love to adore it to masself.

Choose your muse from Pops Lagerfeld, supposedly-my-queen-to-look-up-to-because-she's-the-queen-of-fashion-journalism Suzy Menkes, to Alaia and (do oh!) Momma Wintour to most of you.

Quirky Rykiel and plump adorable Elbaz are also part of their "Handcrafted in Paris from Silver plated Tin and enameled this one of a kind adornment will add eye-catching style to every look."
I'm a Catholic, I pray with a rosary, and if I were to use this special Karl-pendant rosary, will it make me a Fashion Catholic goddess or be successful in whatever I pray fashion-related?

"If fashion is your passion, your religon and your life stamp every look with high-fashion edge with the one of a kind Karl Lagerfeld rosary necklace from Défilés from Paris."

Boy, how cool is that!
I want one!

Don't let whut derr fakq! from people get to you - show your love for the love of your life, making them richer, more well-known, and making Flash Trash a rag richer as well!

The price tag does make a bother in the crazy weather Singapore has recently been in, bloody 200 pounds! But I don't mind adorning these 200 pounds - over my neck, that is!

Speaking of which, this Eley-Kishimoto x Uniform experiment has an interesting touch - instead of photos, it's a painting!

Just a lighter note : it's 20.10.2010 today! Or 10.20.2010 on top of the post there. I'm sure there's a lot of weddings or celebrations going on with the world. What are you guys doing? I've passed the day being absolutely a couch potato at home bored, nothing to do, since there's no class and everyone else is busy busy...

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