... Meeting with the Korean Embassy staff and peers for the opening of the Korean Festival 2010 in Singapore for Korea.com,

•wearing Burberry-pattern plaid scarf, Batik Keris red dress, Nine West flats•
...going to the Anime Manga exhibition, which soon will be on Whiteboard, so check it out!

Cam whores, don't forget to have fun with their 'window speech bubbles'. Check what the bubble 'expresses', then do your best facial expression to reflect the best possible captions! One example shown below:

Fill in the rest. Who knows there's a giveaway to the best creative caption to this? ;)

While Thursday is usually K-Pop dance night with CLAP YO HANDS, Friday's special for Kimchi making!

Yes that first snap looks icky. But the second is much bloodier bettah, just as I loike it. Turns out that it's not hard at all when making kimchi, it's the TIME and the sauce that needs more attention. Well, they already prepared and made a batch of sauce, so all I did was to rub on the pre-salted cabbages. As easy as that!
One remark I'll always remember: "Swipe all the sauce with the leftover leaf, with the cabbage, your hands in the plastic. Swipe it off with this little leaf I give extra to you. Make sure bowl is clean, no sauce left, don't waste"

There's something with about kimchi making with the garlic chilli sauce. Hmmmm.  
and the highlight,


As Micky says, "Always keep the faith"

*NOTE: "This week in pictures" image is absolutely apt for these posts I'll be doing now as I don't have time to do full-length rants in a while till then! The image is courtesy from Nubby Twiglet, a long lost love which I re-digged her blog from my bloglovin' stream! I'll be making my own logo during classes but so you know, she's my inspiration! Will pop by more often. She mixes fashion/typography/graphics as one - exactly what I should be doing/learning/future thing/whatever!

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