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I just knew about the BFF NicKey incident. Nicole was said to shed her fat thanks to le boyfriend now I-don't-know-since-was-pissed-but-then-I-did-want-to-shed-this-stupid-love-feeling's remark, "So, when are ya going to shed off that fat of yours?"

Nicole, isn't fat! She's just healthy. Probably in the eyes of an idol, yeah she's like my old figure of 163/55kg, which is just nice, on the border of healthy fat without being obese in the Physical Education scale. But did he really need to say that?

On the other hand, I do agree that if it's your best friend, he/she has the VIP pass to say anything. Hello, he's your BFFFFFFFFFFFF, right?

English translations should be around in most K-pop entertainment sites. Video... should be around which is very hard to find I found it this morning. But anyhow you know the point.

      On Shim Shim Ta Pa radio, Gyuri called her junior to flirt speak on the show. I laughed on the video comments saying "OMG love his voice on the phone, so smokin' sexy" and well, let's just not start dreaming again. . . . .

somewhere in the middle,
[PART 4]
G: So Key you said you were at home (SHINee’s dorm) right?
K: Yea
G: Who are you with?
K: I’m alone right now.
S: Wait a sec..other members aren’t with you?
K: Oh it’s cause even if our practice ends late, our members seem to get really hungry. So they said they’re gonna go eat gogi (korean bbq/meat).
G: Aww they left our Key and went to go eat gogi?
K: It’s because I’ve been trying to keep a healthy diet so I try not to eat at night. Cause if I start eating a lot, I can’t stop.
complete version visit here

The part of the brain where it controls our appetite is the Lucifer!
It keeps sending signals "eat eat eat eat eat eat" so I eat.
Deep trouble toil. He's a girl, seriously!
Man, I'd have to set my disciplines up as well oh goodness gracious.

I guess it pays off - I can see his bones sticking out his face while I was Lucifer-ringg!

Then I went a bit more fangirling with left-right button to get per sec/images...

'my heart is beating hard fer ya' (yeah I freakin' wish. Or not)

(okay at this point too tired to crop. downloaded the most HD version but here's what I get?! Blurs?!)

•do oh I know you have half-shaved head. Try to copy me huh•

I'm proclaiming a protest to SM stylists to hereby change my little brother's style to Amber's! Their wardrobe/style plan must have been switched! He's gone too pretty~! ㅠOㅠ

•he could be a Sunsilk girl model here!•

Peek a boo!

However he is now even stick thin not round-face ponied anymore. Welcome handsome ghetto boy!

But still I think when he opens his hood, it's over.

But nuna still loves you most from the start anyways! :)

Reminds me of Dara on Fire.

Since I hate him so I was doing seconds and here he is! EEKS! Hahahah the husband of my boyfriend. You punk.

This just in, revealing the actual secret they keep their bodies... tighter to their bones than ever.

During their comeback stage on 23rd July on KBS 2TV Music Bank, member Onew is eating his 2nd lunchbox in the waiting room. In a while, the lunchbox was emptied and Onew finds scouts for another lunchbox. The amount of food in the lunchbox is obviously enough for an adult, and the report said jokingly, “Eating again?”

Already, members JongHyun and Key had finished their lunchbox and youngest member TaeMin is busy eating from his. So the reporter asked SHINee, “There are people who think that you guys would starve to maintain the build you have now.” TaeMin then looked up from his lunchbox, “Ah~! We hate hearing that!”

When one thinks about SHINee, one would think about the skinny boys, and their builds do not follow the trend of ‘beastly idols’ of late. And there are some fans who pointed out, “Do they deliberately starve themselves?”

JongHyun said, “We eat a lot.” It seems that their skinny build is due to the stress from work. Onew said, “We practice a lot, much more than the amount we eat, that is why we don’t put on weight.”
SO listen to that guys (actually, more like, ME FACING THE MIRROR. But then I have no time to do dancing whatsoever. I mean, you guys get paid dancing and singing. I'd like to do the dancing part. Nakasone-san is awesome I like the beats except the... chorus humping-leg-to-floor part) and let's discipline ourselves - we're learning something here!


Here's all our weakness. Lucifer.

loverholic robotronic loverholic robotronic

Not any post related, I give up - I can't upload .GIF's. It would be funny that Jjong pic was looks like effing his face is epic. And le boyfriend's heart pumping.
 Anyone knows how to do it - do we have to really go through painstaking Photobucket?!
Anyhow I'm back in a new season!

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