There are two things I've recieved and has been recieved well: One unexpected and one, is just as expected of me.
Firstly, さすげいだな〜、私! My goal to be get a girl in 6 hours (because it turns out that I only can get a girl at the end of the story) is proven that my character, the guy that I play, is a womanizer. The first year, he gets chocolates from 2 girls. By the next year, 4. As a girl, I do know how to get around girls. Like I've said several times to Miss Foo, and the 18 things I am soon released, I am a half-guy. HA!
     TOKIMEKI MEMORIAL 2. I want the girl version like in Love Com!

It's all about a dating-sim PS game. This is like old school, PSX system. It was released even before I was born! WHUT~

•the first encounter with (I think) everyone's choice of girl. The rest are a bit... er...•

•get to fight with gangsters and giant hebi (snake) or bear you choose another location to show off your manly side in front of the girl•

•date out in the sea with the tomboy girl!•

•Kawaii so naa~ getting close to a girl she even accompanies your studies and noon nap in the school's clinic!•

•date out in a rainy weather. I still don't get it why Nippon girls has weird hair color and style but it works anyways. I look like I have a long goatee if I do that. Hmmmh.•

•After like, two years, the one who like the most will have the blushing face! CUTE!•

Secondly, winning the grand price for L'Officiel Marc by Marc photo competition with Miss Marc traveling somewhere is a small clutch bag from the brand itself. After 3 months of delay, I finally recieved the bag today! It's not the same as the ones they posted...
But in any way, it is authentic! Although the color is too murky for my age =,=;
(I'm trying to find what model this is, definitely from Spring 2010, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Last time I managed to find the first image, which retails on $300. Or pounds. This one, can't find! Hahaha anyone knows I'd like to know! ;p)

Just to refresh some friends who has supported me in liking the photo to win, here's the snap:

Domo arigatou gozaimasu, ne, minna! Yay!

*Ele! Which was the bag that you bought in shopbop??

Can't wait to finish disc 4-5 of Tokimeki and bringing out the purse tomorrow to violin partner in crime's wedding...

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