\NO.2\ 10/10

A three-month delay, I finally present you the second personality to 10 OUT OF 10:
Olivier Henry of Milk Photographie

Critics & Comments as usual, please!
(the layout, the writing, the person, whatever you think! Most appreciated!)


nmutiara said...

Great job! Content is pretty inspiring. Wah the person looks so free. I envy him. Layout.. hmm honestly, first time I glanced at this, I didn't think that this was an interview/dialogue. Only after I read few paragraphs, I started to know what's going on.

kimmihae said...

its ok with the layout, interesting and catchy. but the problem is if it were meant to be read, i dont think its reader-friendly, as it is confusing enough for people to know whats goin on. but overall its fine, if you were to focus with the design. i like it. jjang! :D