Morning Call.

"Morning Call"   Installation Art     Dimension: approx. +1/3 of my window.     Singapore

               I'm going to be a freakin' adult soon. Not legally everywhere, but oh dear I do not like getting older nor looking older like most other people who wishes to. And so, in collaboration with my wish list to be revealed in the near time, I made myself a wake-up call daily to remind myself the goal this year. Well, sort of. Because of an incident 3 months ago that made me became a bull (like Siwon) and I screamed that I'd get a ticket for holiday with my own hard-earned cash, so here it is.

Most likely it'll be delayed, after I get to freaking 19, a year before the big 2-0, because of another goal of getting the internship I want in ___________________. HELL YES. Too much of a dream but will see.

Progress of work. Used my Action Sampler.
            Haven't found a name for Action Sampler which can go underwater. A special video show on the short interview will be up soon. If Nasi isn't too lazy to edit or record her own segment that she hasn't do. It'll explain more about liberalism, the artwork itself, and what am I expecting in this coming year, and the percentage of this artwork being successful and also how I can do this as a business or other people's windows. It's better than typing and no one reads. Talking is easier! Wheeeeee~

Endnotes... What are your goals for the year?


Laura Tenshi said...

That's my dream to, let's both work hard to achieve our goals. I love the drawing on your window, I see you like Shinee's new music video Lucifer. Don't you think Taemin is so much hotter with that hairstyle? Actually they all look better, except Key who looks like a Pokemon.

Laura Tenshi said...

my dream too*