Not Attended.

 I'm holding the X factor. The cancelled factor. Bummed.

 Illustrations are from a book I didn't jot down the title, but I promise the next time I'm hitting NLB I'll need to find this book to get more pictures and know the illustrator/author.

I hate it when I'm missing out something good and where I'm not in the particular country. FAKQUACKQUACKQUACK!

All alone... (LOL this wasn't an unintended image but it works anyways. So 2 years ago, this project)

I won't mention what's happening on Official Old Day 18 in Seoul which gives me all the wrinkles I need, there's another back home, home as in the primary residence back in Indonesia having a sale - preview of all things wonderfuls and satirical! 

ARRRGHH YOU PROMISED Meester Balletcat that online shopping is prioritized!

Nonetheless, I went to the opening event of Brightspot Market with Miss Foo, 
in PI, and we stopped by at a new branch for kids which makes kids' life so wonderful they don't know how treacherous the world is...

...and thanks to Whiteboard's special pass I didn't have to line up. kekeke~

 Bought only a top from Since Always, and I'm loving it although I haven't brought it out (I left it back in Bandung! ` 3`) And all the flyers and lookbooks I got. For my own personal museum of treasure (junk in my mom's eyes) much later in the future. Hmm hmm.

I call it Queen's crown because if I was to lay it front symmetrical, it looks like an overflowing crown. So I also need to take a snap to remind me how to fold this thing. Seriously confusing, even Resida (the designer) had a hard time folding when I wanted to purchase it! 

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