The day started in the white window...

"tua juga lu akhirnya..."

"cpet lulus... and get matured.."

"kapan bajunya bisa dibeli di toko?"

"Where's my birthday present? LOL~!"

"TANTEEEEE KAMU TAMBAH TUAAAAAAAAA YA? opps, maksudnya OLD GIRL. OLD WOMAN. OLD LADY. terserah mau pilih yang mana ;)"

"It's now the the time for you to step in Seoul, meet your Diva at 2PM in Myeong-dong with your own sweet!!"

"Raisaaa Happy Birthdayyyy Nanti oktober pasti Key dtgin kamu kirim hadiah. Tnang gw bru aj atur. ;)"

"gw print in fotonya gede buat lo deh."

"MMMMMEEEET ULTAH SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.... KAPANDONK JADINYA MAKAN2 kitaAaaAAAhaahhahehaha... DITUNGGU loh? traktirannyaaaa kan dong eh?! HUAAAAAAAA... POKOKnyaaaaa kabarin aja yuk dong deh ah... HAPPY BERSTDEYYYYY YAAA"

"Rais, don't read this till 12.01 am tonight!! Don't read it don't read it, nanti aja read nya!! I love u rais:) ...muah2! :*"

 and words of wisdom and love from Laura-chan!
"well, this is great
and the fact that you won a contest
prooves you are very talented
I hope you will win many more
photo contests
if this is your hobby

you should always follow your dreams
and you are still so young
just turned 18 right?

you have all the time in the world to make your dreams come true
and remember that this is what matters in life
to do what you love most
not money or fame
I thought I could forget about my dream
but in spring I said no, I will not give up
so, I admire you

for taking a chance
at your age
my dream was to be able
to inspire people
through my style"
 사랑해ㅛ 오니!

I love Laura's hair (how can the bangs get so nice and puffy straight) AND PANTS HERE WHERE DID YOU GET THEM MY LONG LOST TWIN. Is that the guitar you wanted to give to me? ^^

Awww, I am very much touched from just a mere girl far away in the other side of the world yet yes, we share the same philosophy AND we're lefties! OMONA! whutderrfakqizvisfactisitrealorisitnotitstoohardtobelivebutiguessweareuniquebeingdifferentfromtherighties!

Tokyo and Seoul Dreams!>

I will keep this and I will laugh my arse off rolling on the floor when I re-read it next year.
The Wall of Fame of Creativity. I LOIKE.

yes yes yes success is my right. Let's chase our dreams, folks. Watch this face right here, 


(TALKING to my computer): What?! You don't have any other good pictures of me? Psycho!

...Err well, it'll be the most sought hated bitched cursed because I'll be the one dressing all these beautiful boys of Asia. Maybe even being the front page that I have dated them! (This should be stopped; a dream out of a hot blue noon)
photo courtesy from Veny's iPhone and Jasmine's Barbie film cam.

    Sigh. Not surprised he said to loose more phat and ugliness of a face. Tsk.
To commemorate the day that I got legal, instead of queuing to enter a club without being stopped because I am, afterall, now legal to enter, I lined up IN THE MORNING, instead being closer to midnight, with about a litre of sweat drenching my clothes under the hot sun. It was sweltering hot and it's not even raining. It was really the days of summer. I amazingly could wake up early without snoozing a dozen times and was getting ready with the prepared outfit of the day.

Thank goodness Cin-chan came along late but still I was in queue and she brought forth the most powerful weapon - a DSLR! Perfect - cam whoring in the queue and maybe a glimpse of Nigo-san and my little clowns of the day Kitty and Milo - 

•Yep, E P I C  alright. My burpday! Mark it, yo!•

 You can see the stuff and report here; this will be just me and our cam-whoring session with my beloved clowns for the day (welcome to my birthday party, yo! Line up line up~) and inside the wonderful store but...

look there's me right there! Just noticed! Thank you to my red bowler hat, an adorable gift from Peggy-chan, the girl who stole my ex-le boyfriend. But then, yes eat him up now he's all yours!

To commemorate my BURST-DAY, enjoy my disturbing face.

•what else to do for queuing for TWO hours, outside? Take the positive side of the sun rays and get pictures which are reflective because of it•

•Wearing: Ouval black clown tee, Tokyo Made pattern jacket, UJ drop crotch jeans, Dolce Vita black leather sandals. Red bowler hat, a gift from Peggy! Lady pearl necklace, a gift from Okaa-san! Perlini Silver ring, Tan handmade Japanese patterned bag

•my necklace visible! From my mom•

노무노무노무 사랑한다, Cin-chan! 
Even though she was late, she still did come, otherwise, photos wouldn't be feasible at all and me sulking alone in the queue. :)

photo from Fash-Eccentric. Too CUTE.


Curse to the boys who bought that Sanrio Milo hoodie - there's Hello Kitty and Melody for goodness' sake and still getting it? ARRRGH.
I died anyways after I returned home; I checked out FASH BASH along the way back home - and spent the $50 voucher I got from them - lucky! Must've been the little gift from God for my birthday. So I got a versatile vest from Depression. Must've been fate as well. Discount rack hasn't got anything good. The new arrivals either, until I worked towards the other end of the stand where this white drapey dress-like was hanging. Totally me if you guys know me.

        Speaking of sighting, I instructed as what a professional art director/photographer into practice, one had an interesting detail like what I sighted back in my Japan trip, and the other was the pants, either Jeremy Scott or BAPE pants, not sure. Cinthia-chan snapped them away!

And I got a little goodie! Ah, presents! How I've missed your surprise presence in my life; I always have never enough of presents; but always cherish them all even to the boxes and paper wrapper (if it's cute). For example, from my adorkable duo graphic fellows:

Wow, even my bed-sheet celebrates! Kekeke~

•Little lovely gifts! Agnes B. lock and key necklace from dear onee-san, the Lady pearl necklace from Mom, and supah big earrings from Lontong and the chain necklace from Cin-chan!•

At night, my family, cousins and two younger cam-whorers came to go MAD FOR GARLIC. Apparently, my other cousin and his wife couldn't come last minute as they were down with fever; I was waiting for this moment because this is like the first time I'll see my cousin's wife having a bump! Ah so exciting~!
In any way my uncle also have forgotten to bring his camera (he has a DSLR so usually I'll ask him) so I had to make do with my own camera phone. So sorry if our faces are pixelated! I know my arm muscle (I'll be cheering up myself today, bear with me, I'll start criticizing myself again from tomorrow) is taking much of the space.

I was wearing my Desigual dress I bought from last year's burpday gift! And immediately added the chain necklace from the graphic duo! Hee hee the little baby T since birth up to 1 year and 5 months and he LOVES attention. He loves food and he thinks that, it's this birthday! So alright! I share my age with him today by cutting the cake together! That's fair right?

good company,
good laughs,
and not forgetting,
good food.

Hugs to you two young dorks and two old dorks who made my day and my dearest cousins and family!

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Laura Tenshi said...

You are too sweet Raisa for mentioning me in your birthday post. I want to wish you all the happiness in the world and may your dreams come true. I think these are some great photos of you, your computer is wrong :)) And I do love the t-shirt you are wearing, the colorful one. Yes, it's alright let him share the spotlight with you, he's a cutie. Looks like you had a great Birthday party and that cake looks delicious.