I met the designers this past summer, which is my first project the moment I stepped back to Indonesia. We had coffee and exchanged ideas in between them negotiating with me to keep on promoting their things and to give me a discount. But other than that, here's what I discovered in this emerging brand trying to stand out from the myriads of indie labels in Jakarta.

INKAFESCA is a brand born in the minds of two ladies, Inneke Virginia and Anthea Flodesca. As they have previously launched their debut collection, 'Stone Tones' a few months ago, they're now back with a new unique collection, 'Britain Bollywood'. Based as an online shop, they're new to the big bang of online shops and local fashion lines but they have their own personal touch of things. Here, I sat down with the designers talking about their beginnings and what will they expect in the future.

Can you share how did you first had the idea to make Inkafesca?
Inneke: Because we have the same passion and have a lot of things in common in terms of style, after I graduated, I approached her, thinking that it's a good thing to have our own income. We are close friends as we like to hang out together and had plans previously in wanting to collaborate something together but didn't know what yet. So then, now, we took our chances to establish this label together.

Where did you get the name, "INKAFESCA"?

It's actually a combination of both our names!

Did you have any fashion background?
Inneke: I was in Lasalle Jakarta graduated with diploma in fashion Design.
Anthea: I'm currently in UPH taking Architecture. It's a pretty different route yeah? (laughs)

Do you plan on doing this full-time?
Right now, it is still part-time, but later in the future we'd expand our line to not only having a fashion line, but in the interior side as well, designing furnitures and home accessories. Because Anthea is still doing her studies, we focus on doing just our fashion line for now.

Why as an online shop?
Inneke: Since we start from zero, so online shop is the most accessible and easier to control. We first wanted to have a standalone shop but since we're amateurs in this industry we didn't know how expensive it was for shop leases and such. We weren't aware of the trends in online stores. We don't have any other staffs and we hire our own dressmaker. The process of creating is organic, it's not always me who makes the pattern for the clothes, sometimes the dressmaker creates the patterns too.

How is Inkafesca different from other online shop?
In addition to our own clothing line, we also accept in creating customized dresses. So there's another set of deadlines. Handling this isn't as easy as we think: we have to source the materials, cut the patterns, check the sewing, etc.; we have to give our full attention if we want to work it out to the next level.

How many collections do you plan in launching per year?

We try our best to launch 3 collections, but we probably will have a mini-collection in between so there's new things to see every month. Usually in the new collection there's about more than 15 pieces, but a mini-collection would be about only 5. We also want to branch out in creating menswear, so that's something exciting to look forward to.

Can you share what's your inspiration behind the new line, Britain Bollywood?

We were inspired by India’s soft and feminine culture and the Britain's strong masculinity. So, we combined them both: taking India’s unique clothing, accessories and putting their patterns to the fun cut and details from Great Britain’s army. The color palette this time is more soft, pastel nude ivorish colour complimented with colours from the famous Britain’s

Why do you have such limited quantity for each design? Is it meant to be that way?
The reason being so is because the materials we find has also a limited amount. We search for the fabrics far and wide to many places; the fabrics some imported like from Korea, has only one roll and that's it for that pattern. So yes, our stuff is very limited as well, so you are the only one wearing at most places!

So, what are you future plans?
Hopefully, we would like to collaborate with other designers, launching the new division of line, and much, much later, a standalone shop!

Do see their latest collection at www.whiteboardjournal.com and check out their website

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