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Freaking 18 soon so here's a list of 18 things plus more things underneath. I was thinking of what I wanted and I got stuck then after a round of window shopping I'd want more stuff. Sigh, never ending.

Who should I send the physical wish list to? Hmmm. Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs, or Madonna, or you?! HA. As if. Even the first few ones are taken from the old one. Tsk.

I'd want a fuschia-soled stiletto and not blood red, just to keep in mind. Heeee~

Let me amend and explain a few things around to get around the envelope map...


(this one hits you immediately to your head pinpoint without any other introduction and babble talk)

1. Suecomma Bonnie stiletto that can squirt blood from someone's head, size 38, last pair seen in ActuallyActually

2. Intern in D&C/RAZORRED/D&C transferred to their branches, SO-EN

3. Trip to Seoul/Tokyo anytime . . . Won't tell why XD since it's over

4. Need the power to start writing my scenario/novel soon like soon.
4.5 Both plots!

5. (Mistake , didn't change 6 to 5. So I'd have another wish! Yay) All the books I want.
  • Hands on two fuschia books: Meester Bebe Fatal's and The Shoes by Bonnie
  • FIFI LAPIN's BOOK! (Free shipping!)
  • Alex's Spoon, by who else? Sweet crooner Alex of Clazziquai
  • Rare copy of SHINee Hello Baby. Love the art direction~
  • Korean magazines: NAZINE, maps, Arena Homme, Elle Girl - NYLON: August 2010
  • UK magazine: Lula, Amelia
  • 2nd Generation of Feminine Drawing (not accurate title)
  • Mori Garu Style book!
  • .... and so on. best to give me in vouchers form that'll be helpful much thanks!
6. Still in search of a WHITE HEADPHONE. Or whatever which covers outside the ears. Nothing comes to the likes. Hmmmh.

7. Since I've skipped this number, so this goes to MARC JACOBS WHITE RUFFLES DRESS. I've seen it in black in the ION atelier, but as I'm a white person, I think I'd like this one better (this isn't a coincidence with a sudden Jacobs fervor. I've seen the dress much earlier in the year and I LOOOOOVE IT)

Oh My Lady lead actress who played in All about Eve wears it! (I forgot her name.)
Or, Pixie Market sale of this Dream Catcher dress. Sweet~

or, the British India pure collection white linen dress I saw in the window store just recently..

8. Lucky number #8 for... can gorgeous guys be around me. I should transfer somewhere else like Eliora going to koukou. MAN the experience. (Gile lo hrs ngeblog every minute yeah! Find me an awesome koukou koibito ne~

9. #8 is very dumb. Cameras! Polaroid in square format, Fujifilm natural, Fuji instax Hello Kitty won from Gmarket...


11. I was never a perfume person until...
cute bottles and packaging came along. I'm a package junkie. Packaging is adorable, I'll get it but the lip gloss just rots inside the bottle I wonder how can I clean it out and keep the bottle. Enough of me, time for a wish to make!
A whole mini-set of LOVE (original, snow babes, and summer version) Harajuku Lovers and what I saw today was a summer special HL gift with THE TOWEL WITH CUTE G on it, and (contemplating between Original or Spring or Glam) Vera Wang's Princess perfume (and they have the boxed set too)!!  And as usual I added out of the box since it's too cool.

: a fatal attraction to cuteness :

12. Complete discography set of Humming Urban Stereo, Clock Music, Fluxus, M-Flo...

13. An illustration of myself personally ordered from those Etsy drawers or Fifi or other bloggers.

14. (this is pretty hard. I'm stuck since 10)
OK I GOT IT NOW. Actually, I forgot. Beuh. I NEED AVIATOR SUNNIES. It'll be cool to be reflective but I only want to replace my plastic vintage YSL aviators which I ... don't remind me.

15. Do I need to write? (oh OK the stores)
  • Desigual
  • ASOS
  • Riverisland
  • NEWLOOK ($60 in total in order to get those suede heels in brown and lilac size 5/6 and its freaking running out soon T_T)
  • Isetan
  • Gmarket
  • Uniqlo
  • {X}SML
  • Kyobo
  • Kinokuniya
  • Pixiemarket
  • Those Japanese stores in Central
  • ... neverending
16. oh wait, I skipped this. I FINALLY REMEMBER. I NEED A WALLET. I haven't changed for the past 6 years since the last time someone gave me as a gift, before was a Red Kipling wallet in 3rd grade. Now dirty black Guess?. It's still OK but it's kind of dirty now. T_T

17. Flight ticket to Seoul on my burp day to attend 'The Creators Project' or getting insider scoop or whatever. AH. OHEMGEE it's now this week.

18. DO I deserve a surprise party? Unless $$ goes to #3. Heeeeee.

まあまあ。。。誕生日のプレゼントあげる! Hahaha I wish life was just like a game giving and dating whenever whenever while getting good grades...

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