Morning classes kill me! I really really do like to sleep in the morning, my eyes really can't open up wide and end up snoozing for a few more hours! I do miss the period of time where I can wake up pretty 'fresh' which yes, it has a certain period of time, like my appetite habits. One month of no appetite, and the next would be a ferocious appetite month.
         Second day of Fash Bash last Sunday - still empty. Think it's not as popular and as hot-caked like the one they did in SAM where people just literally push you off the cliff if there's one. While day one I got a Depression white versatile vest, the second day was more of a day of unintended purchase from an unintended shop. I'm hooked to the jewelery section but oh boy, it's expensive because they do use real gold and the likes and stuff. So I could just drool over them and then they're gone forever. Instead, the dream of having finally replacing my Crocs to a better-looking not nerdy/hideous but comfy shoes are these peasant-inspired leather slippers.
        Twice the price of Crocs but for Fash Bash special it's reduced half to the same price as Crocs retail, so in the end after choosing between earth tones and patterns I finally came back to the most un-auntie like. Ah well, read the hard copy at Whiteboard; I now wear these like my Crocs anywhere, everywhere!
      And as just as planned with my Muji pajama pants, I guess it's a loosen day out, in contrast to yesterday's Sanrio madness (down below)

•wearing a POA grey top, Muji plaid pants, Nuabs sandals. Accessories: Guess? charm watch•

and, the sandals

      It does look like an auntie slippers just as I told the owner/entrepreneur/designer like, hello~ I just turned ___ so I don't want to look old! Oh well. But yeah. It's ultra comfy - but not compared to their second collection where it is much more, more buttery soft. Also can wear it in two different ways. I'm saying good-bye to wet feet like Crocs did and the same level of comfortability - and still looks better!

     Just as a file, a pre-planned outfit for the special occasion that I'm crossing fingers to be chosen by Miss Bubble!

            My last notes goes to LOMO.lala.Land photo werks! LLL's multiple exposure captures are up amongst a clip-ups of other beautiful snaps in Cat Socrates shop! The exhibition is still running for another month, so do visit the shop whilst getting cute things around the shop - too cute to resist!

•spot my little lovelies down in the bottom row~•

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Laura Tenshi said...

hahahaha, I can't believe you told the owner of the shop that. You are too funny. Well, if you ask me feeling comfortable is number one and being fashionable, number 2. As long as you feel good in these, that's all that counts. Wow, those are your pictures? I see a dog in one of them drinking water? Am I right? Anyway, take lots and lots of photos and win many many contests. Go Raisa, go. Aja-aja