Akh, the top part's cut off!
Never too late because the idea was after you told me the story, but managed to do it while sitting in the toilet today (yes I've been that busy).
Well, I hope YOU HAD a great burp day! Show show shoooow me what you've got and mine. But then, I'll wait for mine in the mailbox. HAHAHAHA~

Let's go and get our dreams and meet there, Miss Tokyo and Seoul Dreams!

beloved always,

your lefty loser twin from asia


yuki said...

Cute illustration! I draw pictures sometimes. Thank you for the comment. XO

Laura Tenshi said...

You are so sweet, you even drew me with bangs :)) My Hugh Hefner bathrobe made it in a comic, now I kind of regret we send it back.
I am saving this and will always be thankful to my (not at all )loser lefty twin. Hugs

R@!$4 said...

yuki-san: aaah doitteshimashitte~ this is just fer fun, i had the idea forrrr,
laura-chan! Hahahaahahah i'm glad i made you laughed. did u notice that you're hiding in the door there? 2 eyes? :P

Laura Tenshi said...

:)) I did and I did took her purse to buy myself presents. Genius, pure genius. Love love it, best birthday present ever.