It was unexpected but expected at the half-end towards the goal. But still, it's absolutely better than n0thing!
And the taste of the cake still lingers in my head Nid...
Makasi buaaaaanyaaaakk lhooo Hey Diaspora!

•wondahful cake which has chocolate mousse layers from dark to milk then a crunchy cornflake layer halfway bottom and a thick chocolate topping! With dwarf candles, Nida says...from... where again? Yang pasti, City Hall Bread Talk there...•

•Oh boy. First picture can see my obese level 2. Going on to 3. Hiding it behind the gore Balletcats tee. Tee hee!•
•potong kue nggak tahan have to eat it now now now

and the berry berry lovely pee-ple!

Well, that was a week ago.
The second candle blowout!
On the 29th of August to be exact.
This thing needs to be an ongoing thing!
(Free food free cake free laughs free friends so I need to be older weekly)
The cake and vegetarian food is now gone gone gone to the drains and sewers of Singapore.

And I almost forgotten about blowout candle 3~!

•Onee to oni-san meeting! My other cousins who wanted supper, then brought me Canele chocolate cake to blow! Sadly, we didn't manage to get a photo together. So shy, sia they are.•

But look!
A week later
I've gotten something else, tight, but still, super nice!
The Mori Garu shoes inspired from my beloved AA-AA (auntie auntie - adi anita) heehee

ミンア大好きいいいい<3 (^ー^)

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Anonymous said...

cool shoes!
i hope you follow my blog :)