Potential studio houses to do some snow internship end of the year... (Except for tropical countries)

This post has been updated from time to time; whenever I find an interesting firm I'd like to send my CV's to besides my primary choices, this is to remind me! As I forget and bookmarks don't work.

 Half-Not Design. I cannot believe this studio is, matter-of-fact, Jakarta-based. 
I love the website badly.
(Also didn't crop out the Mozilla persona, I'm liking my new Japanese wave theme)

 Base Design in whoopin' Barcelona, baby! 
The central of quirky artsy peeps. Or, I prefer clean Madrid office. New York looks dull. Santiago, Chile sounds super duper cool but the airfare is not on my budget. Beuh I'd rather travel the whole South American continent. Machu Picchu!

I love their packaging and card design - but not interested in the rest - just a different style than my own. And it's just across my Singapore house!

Hilarious and (hopefully) as cheerful as it looks, Sticky Monster Lab from Seoul. Thank goodness it's in English! Whoppee~

Eve, the one behind ITSWEB international creative talent search. Instead of being part of ITSWEB because it's focusing more on fashion design and photography related and I'm neither of these, their headquarters are more likely to be part of!

After sending a work sample to Dazed in London and still crossing fingers... *panic attack* Will be updated always to keep reminding myself to start sending off CV's somewhere!


Vee said...

I LOVE YOU! hahahahaha this is so randommm

yuki said...

These images on your blog are great and interesting. I am interested in art and design, so your posts always inspire me. Thank you for the message!