Here, kitty kitty kitty! 
Sanrio these days is killing me. On the day of my birthday, the BAPE x SANRIO was launched, I was there and it's to report on it too. But then today after 2 days hiatus of not opening my comp then something caught my eye, Sanrio and Doc Marts. I'm like,WHUT!DERRFAKQ?
Not another time to line up and finally not getting anything!?
This mouthless white cat is getting out of hand with its power. I went to find out why all of these fashion-loved brands are creating Hello Kitty products.

With a not-so-sharp nose like a cat's and higher jaguar instinct, it turns out that Sanrio's 50th Anniversary is the reason behind all of these collaborations.

I'm no Docs fan, but that SANRIO print is just, ARRRRRRRRHHHHHHH or that white one. Reminds me of Sailor moon because of the color!
This doesn't apply to the local shores, but to the whole world that has gone mad for cats!

You know if this is the next big thing when...

Susie poses kawaii with it. Any more priceless snaps?

Our very own Dr. Martens store celebrating it with loving fans of all ages gearing up both Sanrio AND Bathing Ape. RAZORTV was there as well to get hands down on some serious feline feelers... Guys loving these too? I'm pretty speechless. Your verdict?
Spotted our class' guest talk, Dottie Tan in the launch too! That's where she got her Hello Kitty ring on that day!

Well, that was almost a month ago.

Apparently, the kitty bomb still is not stopping.

        Before saying anything, yes the ugliest shoes in the world with squeaky voices have had their previous collaboration and it totally sucks - it looks cheap for me. However this time round, they've got their gold anniversary right! It looks more sophisticated, designed as a flat which is much more feminine then their original unisex shape that everyone agrees that it's hideous. My friend rang me yesterday, saying that Hello Kitty has invaded Crocs!

"Yeah, I know that pink with apples? And Jibbitz for their anniversary?"
"I know the Jibbitz but no no no there's a new one!"
"Really, are you sure it's not Jibbitz?"
"This is like a new style~ Oh my goodness it's effin' cute cute cute! "Aaah I wanna buy it now!"

          After checking clicks, yes there was these new bejeweled flats. It was out in May, but I'm sensing it just came in to stock in Singapore! My friend was at Plaza Singapura Crocs store... so feline furries, you know where to get these from at their official counters.

Well said for Kitty fans in the queues for main HK launches in here. Singaporeans can't stop the feline fetish - and it's infecting to the whole island!


PS: Finally, here are more kitty beloved from the event of the BAPE x SANRiO opening - products, events, the man himself, and Kitty loves Milo wonders.

and then the kitty turned on her most feline seduction charm and whoops - Baby Milo caught fer it! Tee hee!

Jeeeeeez, aren't they adorable? While Hello Kitty here for me somehow looks quite fake because looking real would be red ribbon and her usual simple red-blue outfit. She looks old here since her skinny hands and tall legs. In the other side, however, BABY MILO IS JUST ADORABLE. FAT AND CUTE.

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Images are from BAPE Singapore and Dr. Martens Airwair Facebook Page.

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