Quality images attracts people to read more.
Dottie Tan

          She advised, and she practices it all right - to bring the best for her readers. Dottie Tan, more known as Dot, was the other half of local's most celebrated fashion blog FashioNation. It has outreached and enlightened 5000 readers a day, and most of them becomes their loyal readers. She had set aside her time to come on over to our editorial class to share her experiences of being a fashion blogger.

         Now, I was there to dig in, What was that special ingredient to get readers from all over the world? If you're thinkin' "whut derr fakq?! Of course I want more publicity in my blog!" then WHUTDERRFAKQiZVAT! bares it all. 

Here are the tippy-top tips from Ms Dot herself!

"You'd have to plan on what you want to write in the post"
Concrete, concise, consistency, and credibility to the post content. You have one style of voice, so focus on it. Although you can have fun for a personal blog to add a colorful flavor (because FN was more on top of a personal blog). Seperate something personal and something more commercial before deciding which one's worth blogging on.

"Write frequently, or schedule it"
To entertain readers that comes by often, don't go on a hiatus/leave your blog for a period of time (a week is too long!). If you're busy, then scheduling would help. Write the posts on the weekend and give a day or two in between to release a new post. 
FN did about 3 posts a day. So ideally a post on each weekday should be a good start.
"Research and write on upcoming events/interesting insider"
Singapore is a small country, so it shouldn't be hard to keep your nose sharp for news. Readers want to know what's happening around. (Especially flea markets, free parties and fashion events!)

"Write to them, not for you" 
Don't write in like a diary journal, write it like you have an audience.

"Blogs are visual, so quality images attracts people to read more"   
This beats all! If you're not a good writer, then take photography as another medium to share. Blogs are to share things visually, so to share inspirational images would attract many to keep coming back!

           Dottie adds that reading other blogs would be one research: Facehunter, Garance Dore, The Sartorialist and Refinery29 are a few that she reads on a daily basis. Like her first advice, if you want to make some publicity out of your blog, then choose what/not to write. Because of this, she's undertaking a new project to bring her very own fashion blog!

AN EXTRA TIP:    As I've seen her personal blog, posts which gets more attention (by comment-count) are fashion-related. Bloggers, be aware of which posts generates the most attention - that's what you're good at and - will be - famous for! Tee hee!

Do keep in touch with Dot random updates with her current (looks like a) fad on back-to-the-retro-era posts and watch out for her new project to unveil!

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