Yep, this was the wall behind the 'magick' table dubbed by Elle on Twitter at a random basis, where I stick places/things I've been to/part of.

       I'm going home today! Let's see if I'm gonna stick to the routine I'm planning to ride my bike out to the gym, work out and start perfecting the dances I learnt this year (Lucifer/Clap Yo Hands/Breathe/Hello) and ice cream marathon with KBS World every night. I miss home!

      2010 has been very nice to me. Well, second-quarter, that is. Being in the media is simply an all-access. Simply to say, my life goal list is a quarter covered. Not the number one crowned life goal, but getting to see Jaejoong/Yoochun/Junsu in flesh (did I ever dream to see them earlier in my life now than like in another 10 years on stage but I saw them in a private event). TVXQ! The former. Career has been picking up and my intern was a blessing in disguise. Maybe it was planned, that I cannot go to Dubai but to stay here. Maybe I can and will go to Dubai next year. Who knows?

       Well yeah, career side has been picking up, but I guess I'll have to wait for another 3 years until Key walks in. Unless... well there are further developments in the bored as fug island.

      Until then, Singapore and internet, I'll be MIA until the new term of torture. But I'm absolutely psyched with the collaborative project that'll start immediately on the first day back for Semester 6.

Adios, 2010, I'm returning home for Goods Dept., friends, Carrot Rabbit goodness, family and colleague for Christmas, and 'tis the season to grow fatter  - but I'll burn it down!

Merry early Christmas for those who celebrate and an auspicious new year to you all anonymous!

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