Ass EssmEnt was here and over! This is so long overdue (Busy busy as 2NE1 grrlz are now over with "It Hurts" and me gawking over KTZ items that they wore/Key wore/BEAST Kikwang wore at Soom MV) wore/BIGBANG wore at my intern place.)

Photography Project Two - to create a Lookbook with the chosen fashion designer. For the whole look, please visit my portfolio on Behance, and if you have enjoyed it, do give me a supportive act - thumbs up for the hard work the team did! :) Escape to Constantinople, Linda's graduate collection. See photography project one and single-thumbs up if you do like it! Thank you for the support, always try my best to come up with new concepts.

See the complete work and appreciate it here!

I'm falling in love with my own
Visualisation+Presentation Digital work but my other classmates have done much more O-SM werk.

This semester it's about branding and identity. Where we first identify trend pieces of the season, then create a advertisement collage for two 'it' items, and finally, self-identifying for my own name card.

This is half the work - development. Apparently my lecturer chose something I dislike but then I came to really like it as a final work!
See the complete work and appreciate it here!

It's nos a Fashion Comm. thing if we don't have Trend Reports; one for accessories and another for a fashion item.

See more details and appreciate it here!

Then something fun to just create two advertisement pages for different products...

           Pretty pink Hermes and Irregular Choice! I really had no idea what to do anyways. So yeah click away if you want to see the details~

Finally, Journalism: articles, articles, and a longer-version articles. Plus, all in a consistent layout. Ta-da!

              Did an article on one product item which are the shoe brand I adore and previously bought, Topshop's Make Up for a beauty write-up, and a whole feature article on fashion bloggers on the rise - to be worthy or not worthy - which, my lecturer enjoyed very much. Finally, something she's approved of grammatically and pleased 'aesthetically'.
             Not quite sure as the uploader made a bad rendering of the words so although you click to make it bigger you can't read anything, except the product and make-up page~

And it's all gone and done~!
Time for a new year and new projects!

And oh,

It's like clothes on hangers; such diversity in my wardrobe!

Escaping from Blogspot. Easier sharing and photo uploading. Whee~

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