IX : Project Runway

          It's been so long! Back in school for the first week was the week I was waiting for after a 2-3 week break back home doing nothing. Collaboration project between designer-textile-managers-communicators! I dubbed it as the in-school project runway as we did had to work fast fast fast from clothing production to the final management and strategic process in business plans. It was more of a all-rounded project runway and not only clothes.

         Basically, we had initially 4.5 days to establish a collective brand, the brand name/client, a dress and tote bag made out of calico with 3D textile embellishment on it, then create the logo, packaging, campaign, etc. for a new online shop. We're to cater a product for the new online shop with the theme 'Glamour'. So, with a team of 9 consisting of people around, we set our heads to make it work for the next few days before presentation day on Friday.

(Un)fortunately, the presentation day changed from Friday to Monday, so that leaves the weekend to make everyone more kiasu which is so, so, Singaporean, and so we had to also do more things that we needed to do.

Let's cut things short and do this a skim-thru diary:

•yeeha, first briefing with our supervisor•

•the team of IX! Well, technically Cindy's bag serves as herself in the photo, the yellow bag brighter than any of us•

BRAINSTORMING in the cafe 

         Lost in thinking and deciding which theme, client, concept, name of our collective, etc. where we first decided on doing the movie 'THE TOURIST' as a theme, created the cape like Jolie wore, then proposal got declined before finally deciding on 'SEX AND THE CITY' as its glamorous yet out-of-the-box experimental, but still modern and style-savvy. You name it - it suits perfectly with the theme and such so then thank goodness Ginette said A-OK!

PRODUCTION in sewing room

Dress and cape was like, ready within 2 days and was ready to be dyed so we camoflauge the calico material. That was the design and textiles team, they were working like flash and ultra-neat! W o w, amazing for me they're ready for the real project runway.

•trying out Yos's booties so comfy. Being random. Wearing my usual POA assymetrical top and Paul Direk drop-crotch polka-pants.•

DIGITALS in the making

•the moodboard for the movie which I made. I like it how it turns out. The plan was to seperate the styles of day (on top) and night (bottom) which are day wear and gowns in the bottom. Did you spot the concept?•

•campaign moodboard which has a glitch. Must amend that bottom part•

CAMPAIGN photoshoot

•goofing off!•


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