A new absolute busy term awaits! Resuming to normal (and super packed) classes, I've got a new class I've been waiting for : Packaging Class! Yay yay yay yay now I shall do some wonders in folding and pattern making for packaging.

            The first assignment, however, isn't anything fashion-led related. Hello graphic design, how shall I design myself in this ugly boxy by Shin Tanaka?

          And apparently there were K-Pop fans submitting their work through Shin's website, the creator of Boxy where everyone around the world is invited to download the free template (like we are doing now, my class) and design it however you want.

    Anyhow, miss asiaRaisa I created is last minute based on my clashing pattern aesthetic and changed the eyes and added earrings and change her shoes to flat shoes! I wish I had time to make the triple tongue Adidas like CL is sporting above. CU-UTE.

           My concept, because being highly influenced by Japanese kawaiiness, and one of my favorite catalog magazine filled with really cute graphics, she fits well with the patterns I gave her and as if she's the little queen resting between my books. Front and back. Doesn't the shoes look so ah-dorableeee? Heeee. ;D

          asiaRaisa? Yep, that's another me. Not an alter-ego, just a new nickname I should create in this cyberworld for my blue bird account.

T w e e t   C l i c k   M e !

Again, chirp me up if you like the same things I do! I love sharing the same passion like anyone else's.

My boxy shall be up on Tanaka's website,  I shall re-update this post.

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