Visualization and Presentation Class is giving me depression and head-spinning for the project. Gotta make a promotional CD album cover and poster, and combining them together as a 3D pop-up kind poster for the album. Inspire by either one of the songs below, I've got to translate this song to a visual feast for the eye.

Pink Floyd's stature, uniformed, song that sounds more like a chant for Just Another Brick in the Wall Part 1 is quite depressing with its grey wool, grey background, it's all grey blur. Looking to break out of the grey situation, the kids start to protest and rebel against the teachers.

A-a. Not me. Depressing.

What's even more depressing is Bruce Springsteen's Atlantic City which described the situation back then in 1981. The economic crash, the desperation of money, the lonliness in a city of nowhere, arrrhhh the more I understood the song behind the history the song gets even more depressing.

Well, the only one left is David Bowie's Space Oddity, the song that commemorated the Armstrong moment on the moon. There are two versions that I found, and hmmmmm. I guess this is something more of joy. I hate being in a gloom, it reminds the bad days I was on depressive mode for months that I don't with to return.

The next question:
How do design with what imagery. Sigh. I really am not
inspired by any of these three. Shimshim.


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YUI said...

thanks for your comment!
well yes i am, pure japanese/korean. i ate those in Shimaya Restaurant, and about Nikko, i don't know - it's been a long time. :)
the taste, i think it's just ok, better sth like sushi tei. haha.