Valentine's day is approaching! Absolutely loving the detail, see her portfolio in full. Bless for those who do have a special someone, who will celebrate or expect a surprise, residing in the same city and has the luxury to meet everyday. It is for LDR couples.

Ho ho ho.

             I'll just wait and rot in the corner until my wife fetches me. Don' think he can hear me either. He's leavin away, see see, avoiding the fact he won't be around in flesh when the time comes.

Oh how can you be fakqing gorgeous in such a candid pic.


I don't think I do this often but I guess I should, other than my Tweet profile (and I don't RT all the posts I write tweeted. Not 24/7 on Deck or something, I don't have meme or deck or shuffle cards or whatsoever!)


  A Scarf Affair with fantasy-tical illustrator Pomme-Chan @ 

Please buy me this!
(who am I talking to again? The wind? The ... well boy who used to be beside me ran away)
Or you can buy me Coco Pit's~!
or another illustrator - will be writing that next month... hopefully.


(which I just watched the re-run on Metro TV just an hour back)

Singapore. This was I, Robot visiting Singapore which I couldn't go! TT_TT

Plus, from one highly-knowledgable article from the board,

Watch the whole process of the magazine creation of 2 months, in a short run-through video created by the magazine's team to bring the latest ephemeral issue, The Black Swan Issue.

 Rather stressful yet uber fun and this cubicle life is my job in the future? ! ! Cramped with all and small white Macs like mine? I demand an iMac desktop if I were you.
Bravo guys! I want a copy!!!!

and still a couple more but never mind too tired.

Finally, SUJUNESIA spotted in SUPER SHOW 3! Hear hear, it was originally first up on
HeyDiaspora HERE!
Over and out! Dead tired!
Apparently no couple were interested in the half-off dinner date at TBC/TBR, and not even my friends are interested to be my date. D:

I am such a pauper in this world, no kidding. Was and always been. I may be a princess in the eyes of yours but I'm actually living most of my days as a photocopied paper. TT_TT

WDF, I guess I gotta read The Alchemist so though negative things bump to me daily I'll be forever positive or have power to always give ultra-fake pepsodent "I'm alright" smile.

Anyone minding to chirp me up? Thank you in advance that at least someone cares nor appreciates my journal here.

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Anaivilo said...

OMG those details are amazing!! I can't stop staring at them 0__0 God luck with your projects! I am on vacation now ;)