Sweet six illustrators and designers that has captured me - the Sweet edition of WDFIV!

        In conjunction with my research for two branding projects which needs references of graphics, from cute girly ones to plain pen graphic drawing, I guess the ones that caught my attention are the whimsical, cute, handrawn ones. And well, I am a Japanese at heart afterall. It's mostly Japanese designers dominated this time! But of course, there's a dipping pool for those who think Japanese is not their cup of tea down below...

Just kill me with pen, graphic pen and pencil drawings with cute dash of colorful patterns. Polkaros is too uberly cute to miss! Whimsical and just plain cu-u-ute, perfect for a pop-up Valentine's day card, yes? 

So Takahashi's "You wanna buy a Carpark/Craprak?" CD design which is oh-so-wonderful, so, so me and the direction somewhat of my catalog. Originally, I found out about this project in a book, below, and finally got the better resolution on his portfolio, Heads Inc. Another one is his Shisheido lookbook which has a simple but the breakable layout rule and 3D invitation design which is innovative in its simplicity yet the feature of the surprise in the middle.

He's a good one to also check out his conceptual, futuristic VMs with Shisheido (his biggest client with many collabs yet?). Very cool!


I accidentally stumbled upon a 'wrong' Chinatsu portfolio, where I first wanted to find Chinatsu H below, but then after googling (because apparently the name Chinatsu is so common!), I found this sleek Fulvimari-like illustrator minus the blotches with relatively simple touch of just lines.
I'm happy I stumbled upon her, raving her work!

Now onto the real Chinatsu that I was finding, is Chinatsu Higashi! She has been featured in the dreamy magazine Lula, and dubs herself as the artist who does illustration illusion. Fairly whimsical with pastel candy colors and collages of flowers, toys, and your childhood most favorite things, it doesn't stop to entice you and you wish you were living in her fairytale world.

I. need. to. know. the. designer. who. did. this. beautiful. pretty. little. surrealistic. thing. More on MANOUSH brand and S/S11 lookbook in Dolls Factory where I found it, and there's no other information. Love the logos and everything on the first image.

Esther Horchner's tongue-in-cheek teapots that would surely scare your future mother-in-laws. Please do not serve her with these chinas, get some traditional real china for that. This one could be saved for Black Day on March 14 for all the single ladies!


end! time for life rants.

thought that it looked hilarious. the usual moniker i call my friends in terms calling them as a monkey.

The moodboard #1 progress that needs a boost of cafffeine every night to keep me stay morphed as an owl:

February is definitely pink-ish!

Found this little cutie thru House of Jeroy which I REALLY NEED since I keep breaking my specs for freaking no reason which leaves me with the bugseye glasses I'm getting annoyed with. It comes with an awesome packaging as well. Oh-la-la. A primary. Alternative: back to Raybans.

Chotto! Anyways, support the ever-amusing local brand The Balletcats with their new limited design Half-Puss. Sneak peek, Read the article. And it's long overdue for the already collaborative sold-out project I did with this unnerving brand.
ATTN: Censorship: Age 15+ for suggestive violence against the body and the garment.

  Achtung!           In support for the lovely book-a-zine CIRCUS where I introduced back last year, dead over there for more details, and if you like the book-a-zine and is familiar/have it, please support the next edition, VOYAGE, here! (And so I can kickstart in the work I'm going to hand in to them. ;D) I'll leave you here with what it looks like and an excerpt of a beautiful editorial I love inside.

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